Five Self-Made Businessmen Of Nigeria Who Are A Major Inspiration Now

Photo by: JohnnyGreig

Nigeria’s growing economy is the result of many entrepreneurs taking things in their own hands and making it big in the global world, simultaneously making Nigeria the leading face of innovation and culture. The five top businessmen of Nigeria introduced here started from nothing except their strong vision, passion, resoluteness, and ambition.

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1. Michael Adeniyi Adenuga Jr. 

Five Self-Made Businessmen Of Nigeria Who Are A Major Inspiration Now

Adenuga is the third richest man in Nigeria. Born in 1953, he was determined to make it big from a very early age. He came from a modest family. He used to drive a taxi to support his education and living costs. His ambition and hard work led him to achieve his first MILLION at the age of 26. He founded the first indigenous commercial oil company, but he didn’t stop at oil, he also launched Globacom, a mobile phone network which is now the second-largest operator in Nigeria.

In 2018, he was featured in Forbes as the second richest man in Nigeria due to his oil blocks Conoil Producing and his telecom company Globacom. His estimated net worth as of July 2020 is $ 5.7 billion.

2. Jason Njoku

Five Self-Made Businessmen Of Nigeria Who Are A Major Inspiration Now

Jason Njoku is an inspiration to many. After several failed startups, at the age of 30, he made his breakthrough when he established the platform iROKOtv in 2011, in his mother’s apartment, where he lived then. iROKOtv is one of the first video-on-demand movie platforms for Nollywood. He was born in London and was raised by his single mother, along with four brothers, and their upbringing was difficult.

He had 11 failed startups, yet he was determined to reach where he wanted to, and he did. Njoku’s current goal is to fund young entrepreneurs and help them get started on their dreams.

3. Abiola Olaniran 

Five Self-Made Businessmen Of Nigeria Who Are A Major Inspiration Now

The young entrepreneur Abiola Olaniran, 26, is the founder of the Nigerian gaming company Gamsole. It was launched in 2012, and in just six-month time, it had over 3 million downloads globally, and by 2015 over 10 million globally. Gamsole is now one of the leading gaming companies. In 2015 Forbes Africa, Abiola Olaniran was listed as Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs.

4. Bankole Cardoso 

Five Self-Made Businessmen Of Nigeria Who Are A Major Inspiration Now

Easy Taxi Nigeria, is a popular taxi-hailing app that Bankole Cardoso co-founded in Nigeria in 2014. The company was a great success. It provided secure travel options to customers; the drivers were given smartphones so that they could communicate through the internet. The app was originally only in service in Lagos and Abuja but spread quickly. He made it to the Forbes 2014 list of young African entrepreneurs and one of the top five businessmen of Nigeria.

5. Nasir Yammama 

Nasir Yammama is the tech prodigy of Northern Nigeria. He comes from humble roots. Growing in a family of farmers, he launched Verdant, which is AgriTech that provides support to farmers on ways to improve their food production chain using technologies, financial support, growth, etc. His exceptional intellect and insight in farming will benefit Nigeria’s agriculture to progress further. His success comes by helping other farmers to succeed. It is always exciting to anticipate how far Verdant will reach and how the Nigerian farming business will grow.


Through the combined efforts of businessmen in Nigeria and individuals like them, it is only a matter of time when Nigeria will start competing with global multinationals on equal footing.