Finally, A Heart Device Strictly For Lovers


Contributor: Odinekachuwku Ishicheli

If you are a romantic enthusiast, then you just might be interested in this. Valentine may be past but love never passes. You probably got an electronic gadget as a gift this past valentine or you gave someone as well. What if you got this heart shaped phone, would you rock it?

heart phone 2.jpg

The Heart 401AB created in Japan is formed in the shape of a heart, both halves of which are rotated relative to each other transforming it to the a large bean shape.

Heart Phone.jpg

heart phne 5.jpg

heart phone 4.jpg

Technically, this creation is a miss as it has no keypad but on the other hand it is special because the two hearts that comes enclosed in the pack can be used as a two way radio.

heart phone 3.jpg

It could serve as your next gift; unfortunately it will be sold only in Japan. If you had the access to this device, would you buy one for a loved one and can you rock it?

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