Female 101 Five ways to know she’s totally into you

Chatting women up isn't easy unless they're interested. But how to know if they are? Check out our guide to seeing if she's really feeling you.

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Across a crowded room…you see her.  You want her.  You want to know if she wants you too. It’s how all love stories begins,  horribly, awkwardly, like a car crash happening in slow motion. Your throat is dry.  You feel like a fool.  Humiliation pending. If only there was a way to know before you open your big mouth and a toad jumps out.

Luckily there is a way.  Female 101 has found at least 5 and voila!  – Five signs she’s totally into you.

  1. Eye contact
    If you’ve never heard of the 3 second rule, you have now. It’s the standard operating manual for letting a man know that you’re interested. You look at him for the full three seconds.  So if she’s looking at you this hard and isn’t a psychopath, chances are she definitely wants you.
  2. Body language
    Words are just part of the communication. Actions speak louder than words. Are her feet pointed towards you?  Are her arms uncrossed?  If they’re crossed, I would leave it alone but uncrossed is good feng shui.  Is she flicking her hair? What about licking her lips? (to be fair licking her lips is pretty explicit and you should probably grab your coat if this happens.)
  3. Proximity
    Does she always find herself squeezing past you or in your corner.
    Is she flushed, animated, dancing provocatively. It sounds like someone is turning her on. Could it be you?
  4. Teasing talk
    You ask her for the time and she says she’s always on time or you say something perfectly innocuous and she responds with a double entendre and naughty smile. Might be time for you to enter the murky verbal waters yourself.

So, we can see while interpreting the sexual chemistry is not an exact science, it’s definitely not as mystifying as you thought. Check our gallery of lovelies too.  What do you think? Interested or not? Let Female 101 know.