Exploring the Best Fine Wines around the World

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A good bottle of wine is sometimes all you need. No other drink has the ability to captivate audiences the way wine does. People sometimes even overlook price tags when they see a beautiful bottle standing inside fancy wine shops. Wine lovers are always on the lookout for bottles that they can keep tucked away right inside their wine rack. To add a few more bottles to your wine shelf, we’ve explored the best fine wines worldwide to help you pick your favorites.


Merlot is one of the go-to fine wines for food lovers as it blends perfectly with a variety of foods. The sensual velvety texture, rich flavor of red-skinned grapes, high level of tannin, and the darker shade make this wine the most adored one globally.

The French words Merlot refers to “the little blackbird.” Merlot greets you with blackberries, cocoa, plums, dried herbs, vanilla, and cedar palate. A fine Merlot bottle will cost you somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000 a bottle. Typical 750ml Merlot carries 625 calories and pairs well with pork, chicken, turkey, bean dishes, and roasted mushrooms.

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Exploring the Best Fine Wines around the World


Moving to Spain, you’ll find Tempranillo. A youthful, dark ruby red wine with a twist of subtle tangy fruit flavors, Spanish Tempranillo provides a balance of a complex fruity and earthy flavors followed by a taste of tannin.

Tempranillo produced in the Rioja region in North-Central Spain is considered as the benchmark of fine wine. It pairs perfectly with traditional Spanish dishes, barbeque grilled-meats, pizza, lasagna, and Mexican foods as well.

Exploring the Best Fine Wines around the World

Cabernet Sauvignon

One of the finest red wines known for its subtleties and complex yet delicious fruity flavor, this ruddy orange shade wine has successfully trapped hearts from around the world. Known for its thickness, resistance, and durability, Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with many food items.

A medium acidity level, beautiful flavors, and fantastic combinator resulted from prolonged contact with oak, this wine contains around 13-15% alcohol content and is dry in nature. A standard sized Cabernet Sauvignon bottle costs $4,000 to $7,200.

Exploring the Best Fine Wines around the World


Chardonnay grape originates from Burgundy, France, and the wine is appraised as one of the most popular white wines in the world. The fruit chardonnay can grow almost anywhere, and so the tastes differ according to the climate.

This easy sipper possesses a buttery, super creamy taste with average acidity and a tropical fruity aroma and flavors. The malolactic fermentation process might leave some toasty piquancy. The grape variety makes Chardonnay harvested in colder climates relatively neutral. The world’s most expensive Chardonnay might cost you around $116000.

Pinot Noir

A romanticized red wine with a slight cherry punch that has been getting increasingly popular around the world, Pinot Noir ranks at 10th place for being one of the ancient types of wine that is still everyone’s favorite today. Pinot Noir elicits a different kind of spirituality because of the toil and sweat that goes into achieving its elegant balance of fruitiness.

The vineyards rows for Pinot Noir are typically rooted just beside the sea under the cool breeze to create a perfect impression on the grape flavors. Burgundy, a region of France and the mother of Pinot Noir, still produces the best Pinot Noir of all time. A good bottle of Pinot Noir might cost you between $9000 and $20,000.

Final Words

We bet you wouldn’t be able to resist yourself from trying these fine wines at least once. Which one is your favorite? Let us know!