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Things To Do In Bangalore

One of the most beautiful cities in India is Bangalore. This awesome city, sometimes known as Bengaluru by some, is the capital of the Karnataka state in India. Nicked named the city of garden, Bangalore is a haven for both economic and cultural diversity. A leading provider for information and technology across the world, Bangalore is a relatively popular destination for foreigners, with its excellent and pleasant weather all year, rich cultural history and wonderful and beautiful structures and sights.

This city that is always awake is always exciting, colourful and entertaining in so many ways. Bangalore gives you the perfect opportunity to have a sense of adventure because there are so many sights to be seen, cuisines to tasted, and fun to be had.

In ensuring that you have a thrilling and exciting experience in Bangalore, we’ve listed some awesome things that you can do.


Bangalore placeTake a visit to the Bangalore place

This magnificent structural edifice which was built in 1887 is a collection of incredible cultural showpieces both inside and out. Built by Scottish architects, the beauty of the place will take you back to medieval times.

Part of the usefulness of this place is that it serves as a host to vast and diverse cultural events, concerts and sometimes marriages. A visit to this Place will leave you with a sense of great satisfaction given the amount of beauty and history on display for you.

flower showSee a flower show at Lalbagh

Lalbagh is an extraordinary botanical garden with various flowers of different species available to see. This utopia is equipped with a small lake and a serene environment that gives you that relaxation feeling. Each year, colourful flower events and shows are held here in the famous flower glasshouse. A hub of almost all plants and trees from various countries around the world and a wonderful collection of birds, Lalbagh is truly a sight to behold

foodHave a tasty treat of Masala Dose

The masala dose is a delicious tasty cuisine in Bangalore. This yummy pancake with unique varieties such as sagu masala dose can be eaten at various times in a day but most especially in the morning. It is usually packed various vegetable fillings, given it a rich and appealing taste. Part of the rich cultural heritage of Bangalore is this wonderful cuisine.

go kartingHave a Go-karting experience

This racing game is sure to get your adrenaline up and running. It’s a fun game that can be enjoyed by loved ones, friends and family. Various places in Bangalore offer avenues to engage in this activity that involves driving a car called a Go-kart round a track for a particular amount of time. The sizes of the Go-Karts vary with some a little bit larger than others. Other recreational activities can be added along with Go-karting just to make it more fun.

marketVisit a typical Bangalore market

A typical Bangalore market is one way to really capture the essence of the Bangalore culture. There are various markets scattered around like the flee markets which offer sales of various commodities and artefacts. Historical, cultural displays are always on show in all major markets in the form of live music, dances and other presentations. Get yourself to one of these markets, and you will be thrilled.


hills, bangaloreNight trekking at Ramanagara and Bilikal hills

If you are a lover of the outdoors, there are a lot of places that offer adventure trips such as Ramanagara and Bilikal hills. These locations provide an amazing serene environment that is totally ideal for trekking and free from all the noise from the city Centre. They are better enjoyed at night with colour sights to behold.

boat trip, bangaloreTaking a little boat trip at Bheemeshwari

Bheemeshwari provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the peaceful, sweet nature of Bangalore with a lovely boat trip. This also gives you a perfect chance to gaze at the Colorful stars at night. For a more personal time, you can indulge in a little kayaking all by yourself in the river at night.

bangalore nightHave a taste of the nightlife in Bangalore

A simple stroll around the city at night can be more than fulfilling. Scattered around the ever-busy roads are shops and eateries selling various yummy delicacies that you can’t just ignore. Be sure to grab a bite as it will be worth it.

The nightlife also offers an avenue to witness various cultural displays and performances on the street. As you might observe a couple of performance, dancers and singers given a remarkable thrilling experience.

Bangalore presents a unique opportunity for you to have fun and enjoy a rich cultural heritage. With lots of beautiful places to see, yummy delicacies to enjoy and whole lots of fun activities to do. Bangalore is truly an excellent place to be in and one that has a lot of activities for visitors to participate in.