Enter Into Ariel : An interview with singer/songwriter/producer Juliet Ariel





Sultry singer/songwriter/producer Juliet Ariel graced the world a couple years ago with her self-produced single “Take Me With You” which reached 10M+ views on Youtube, 1.7M+ streams on Spotify, 250k on Apple Music and 1.3M+ on Soundcloud.

This exotic siren encompasses a wide range of versatility as an artist. Her mysterious charm and captivating vocals has captured the hearts and intrigue of beloved fans from all over the world!

Summer Luv”, her steamy single from her upcoming “Endless Summer” EP has premiered via youtube, and after only a few weeks steadily climbing in views…

Her diverse ethnic background, comprised of Afro-Latina heritage, has proven to be a saucy winning combination for this musical prodigy, as it serves as an undeniable imprint within her artistry.


Stormy of Made Magazine sits down with Ariel to discuss a few hot topics concerning her career for new-coming fans…





MADE: Hi  Juliet! I would like to first start by asking you how long have you been creating music, and what compelled you to begin pursuing music as a career?


Juliet: When I was 13 I got my first production software. Music has always been a part of my life and writing songs was natural for me.


MADE: It is noted that you produce your own music? Do you produce in terms of musical equipment (with the use of a recording studio or portable studio equipment), Or is the term production used only in terms of vocal and song arrangement?


Juliet: I have a home set up, but I also work in studios. I produce the music and vocals.


MADE: Your music has an eclectic sound that sounds Reggae inspired. Have you been inspired musically due to your cultural background? If so, which genre type would you say your music is?


Juliet: My music is pop/dance, growing up in Paris I used to listen to Daft Punk a lot. My sound takes inspiration from afro/reggaeton. My mother is Latin born in Congo and my father is Congolese.



MADE: You have a new single out entitled “Summer Luv” just in time for the summer. Where did you shoot this music video, and is this single for the promotion of an upcoming album?


Juliet: I shot it in Australia, on a beach that has the whitest sands in the world. Yes… it’s the first track of my upcoming EP


MADE: How many collective musical projects (Albums or Ep’s not singles) have you produced thus far? And where can they be purchased?


Juliet: I’m releasing my first EP later this year and it will be available anywhere.



MADE: Physically, fans would agree that you bear a striking resemblance to superstar singer/songwriter Rhianna. How do you feel about this comparison? Are you a fan of her musically?


Juliet: I have always been inspired by Rihanna and I love her music. I think we are different musically.


MADE: You are known to be bilingual. As a former aspiring makeup artist, you have done a makeup tutorial on Youtube in French. Have you performed any of your songs in French? If not, do you plan on releasing any?


Juliet:  I’ve written songs in French, I might release one.


MADE:  Since the Covid-19 crisis, promoting music has become a bit different for artists. How have you adapted to furthering the promotion of your music? And what tours, shows, or remote concerts can fans be on the lookout for?


Juliet: I share my music online at the moment, but touring is reopening for 2021. Fans can look for performances on my socials.


MADE: If you could collaborate with any artist in the industry, which one would it be and why?


Juliet:  There’s more than one. I’d say Black Coffee, Kygo, Mr Eazi, Maitre Gims, MNEK. I love their music, and listen to their albums multiple times during the day without skipping any tracks, that’s why.



MADE: Please let everyone know where to purchase your music, and where they can contact you (Twitter/Instagram)


Juliet: You can get Summer Luv everywhere, like on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes…Twitter, Insta: @iamjulietariel