Enjoying A Thrilling Dubai Experience

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Things you can do in Dubai

Dubai presents a great opportunity to have a sense of adventure and thrill, whether you are planning to stay on a permanent basis or you are just visiting for a couple of days.

With an array of eye-catching edifice, sights and wonderment, you can engage in lots of activities that would give you the maximum satisfaction and thrill for just yourself or the entire family at large. Checkout out the fun things you can do below:

dubai, dubai travel, visit dubai

Thrilling Aqua Adventure

Water ride enthusiasts will greatly love the fun-filled aqua-adventure that the Atlantis the palm provides. The ride leads into some fascinating underwater tunnels overlooking various sea life creatures which gives you that sense of closure. You should this on your to-do list when next you are in Dubai


dubai, dubai travel, visit dubaiSightseeing On A Boat

Want to see the landmarks, beautiful structures and wonderful sights in a thrilling and exciting way? Then you should go on a boat tour to see the Burj al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. Seeing these sights from the water presents another way to see Dubai in its glory, and it’s something worth doing


dubai, dubai travel, visit dubaiIndoors Ski

It’s not every day you come by an indoor ski resort with five different slopes, a snow park and functioning ski ferries just add an extra gloss. The ski Dubai holds the world record for the largest indoor ski resort in the world with excellent features and structures. Add an extra dose of fun to your stay in Dubai by trying out the indoor ski.


dubai, dubai travel, visit dubaiTreat Your Kids To Fun At Kidzania

If you are visiting Dubai with your little kids or siblings and you want to treat them to a bucket load of fun, then the right place to take them to is Kidzania located at the Dubai Mall. Kidzania offers an avenue for kids to engage themselves in various role-playing activities that would give them the necessary fun and exciting they require. Treat your kids to this awesome place of fun, and you will be glad you did.

Where to eat in Dubai at affordable prices?

Dubai offers a chance for people to experience various cultures and styles in thrilling and beautiful. Moreover, what better way to experience all of these than to open your stomach sumptuous and nutritious meals that would leave you craving more.

Food enthusiasts and lovers, in general, would be amazed at the vast arrays of wonderful eateries scattered around Dubai with pocket-friendly prices. We’ve listed out some of the places where you can get a well bargained and tasty meal in Dubai.

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Zaroob offers an opportunity for you to enjoy some tasty mouth watery Arabian traditional dishes. Known for its Palestinian heritage, Zaroob is close to the Dubai international financial centre where its open garden setting allows you to enjoy your Arabian meals under a scenery environment.

dubai, dubai travel, visit dubai

Dhow Cruises

Eating just got a whole new feel with the Dhow Dinner Cruises. This experience combines a ravishing tasty dinner and a beautiful boat tour around the Dubai creek. The dinner comes in a buffet setting giving you an assorted choice to fill your stomach, and if you are in luck and with your kid, you might be on a boat that offers some entertainments for kids.


Bu Qtair Café

Enjoy spicy Indian cuisines on the beach at the Bu Qtair Café. Located at the Palm Jumeirah island, you can get the best of Indian foods and kinds of seafood that would make your taste buds dance. Barbecue fish and fish curry are some of the delicacies that you treat yourself to and at the same time enjoy the vibe that the beach provides

dubai, dubai travel, visit dubai
Din Tai Fung

Are you a dumpling lover? Do you enjoy the taste of a good vegetable treat? Do you enjoy the sweet flavour of yummy noodles? Then the Din Tai Fung is the best place to be to get your stomach filled with tasty Taiwanese delicacies at a pocket friendly price.