Emerging Technologies that Will Shape the Future of Our World


There is hardly any aspect of our life that is not driven by technology. Visionaries estimate that the future of our world will be more dependent on technology. Ranging from treating deadly diseases like cancer to addressing globally concerning issues like climate change, technology awaits a huge surprise for us! We’ll discuss some of the potential emerging technologies that are most likely to change the world’s fate for good.

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We have already reaped the benefits of nanotechnology by using self-cleaning materials, and sunblock that reflects UV rays. But the technology has further potentials for improvement which can truly revolutionize some life-saving components. If technology develops in the future, a nanomachine will be able to destroy cancer cells.

Nanomachines might also be used for transforming a truck into a sports car! The concerning part is that nanomachines may also be used as powerful weapons, which will pose a greater threat to the existence of humans.

Self-driven Cars 

Emerging Technologies that Will Shape the Future of Our World

Driverless cars are one of the most talked-about technologies at present. Giants like Tesla continue to strive for making autonomous vehicles available on the roads. Automated cars will have ultrasonic sensors, lidars, and cameras for accurate performance.

The sensors will collect necessary data from the car’s movement and send them to the software and processors for the detection of other vehicles, road signs, or obstacles. At last, AI (Artificial Intelligence) mechanisms will finalize the actions to be taken by the car.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The presence of Artificial Intelligence is already having a large-scale impact on our lives – from unlocking our smartphones with face ID to mobile banking, we are being benefited daily. AI has immense potential with an ability to outperform humans when it comes to certain tasks.

Researchers often discuss the possibility of a “fully conscious” AI in the future, which may make AI-driven machines as capable and intelligent as humans. However, there is still huge room for improvement for AI to reach a stage of perfection.

Virtual Reality (VR) Immersion

Emerging Technologies that Will Shape the Future of Our World

The notion behind Virtual Reality implies that we will be able to reside in a “reality” different from the world that we are currently in. Some scientists and researchers believe that immersion into VR will take us to a world where we will be able to use all of our senses, which will make the “actual” reality indistinguishable for us.

This VR technology is projected to function based on the AI principle that superposes information on the real world. But this might also lead to a large information gap in the society as the technology won’t be available to people of all sections. Chances are high that people with greater access to VR might use it as a tool to dominate over the deprived ones.

Bottom Line

It is undeniable that these emerging technologies will define the future of our world. The choice is ours to make whether we’ll take the positives of technology to make human lives better, or become more self-destructive with better technology.