Does A Fashion Brand Need A Celebrity Face?


Fashion brands have been using the power of celebrity for a long time. But the idea of a celebrity brand came into full action in the early 2000s. Since the start of the 21st century, the fashion industry’s biggest driving force is not designers but fame. Fame is what moves the goods, and popularity is what sells the merchandise.

Whether it is a brand influencer, a celebrity ambassador, or a founder that has garnered lots of attention on social media, there are so many benefits from giving consumers a public face to identify with.

Creating and developing brands with celebrities or influences gives you a way into their fan base (a sort of leverage point), thus allowing businesses to scale brand presence and sales effortlessly.

There should also be a personal side of a brand for people to identify and connect with. This helps brands to humanize their products or services. Whether you like it or not, fashion is an emotional sphere, and emotional buys propel it. Now the question for you is, when last did you see a thriving brand with strong connections to people operate without a person being the face of the business?

A walk through history shows that this was not necessarily the case, most especially in the fashion and luxury industry. In the past, lots of businesses felt that the designer or owner should never showcase themselves or their interests. Now, if a brand isn’t doing that, consumers feel that they are not real or honest. Therefore it becomes difficult for consumers to connect with such brands.

In the past, it was essential for more prominent brands to work with designers that had a positive image and recognition. Now these bigger brands are looking at how much press coverage the designer/person has and how many followers they have on social media. To these companies, consumers respond positively to these things.

Experts have mentioned that not all designers are suited to such a setup. Everything still boils down to the comfort level of the designer. The founder should have a proper connection to the brand before the idea of entering a public-facing role can come up.

As a rule of thumb, any founder who wants to be the face of the brand should build an image that aligns with the business and consumers. Although their content can be personal, it should accentuate the heart of the brand. When this works, it works. With this, a founder can make the brand a more consumer-friendly enterprise.

Although having a large following isn’t enough, it does for a good basis. Apart from social followership, career paths are another vital factor.

Are There Any drawbacks?

There are instances where having a celebrity face at the forefront of the brand has backfired. There are cases where a celebrity or influencer can get into trouble for not giving the brand enough promotion. In addition, when a brand puts a person as the face of the brand, such a brand can attract certain risks based on the celebrity or influencer’s actions. This holds true even at this moment, with consumers asking for clarity and transparency from businesses. And with the cancel culture in full swing, brands need to answer to such demands. Today, brands are judged by their ambassadors. This is a blessing when used rightly or a curse.

Final Words

In this day and age, integrity, authenticity, transparency, and connecting with people are important to brands. A public face is essential to achieving that. But the question is it a prerequisite?

Having an ambassador or a public-facing founder isn’t a prerequisite for building a successful business. You don’t necessarily need to put a face in front of the company to sell. What is important is the story behind the founder and brand. Once consumers can identify with that, it can help build authenticity, especially when such stories connect with the product or service.

As experts suggest, it is a way to gain a competitive advantage and stand out in the crowd.

It is always vital for designers to have something up their sleeves (pardon the pun) that isn’t related to fashion. This “something” raises their stock. The truth is that “something” is a celebrity. It is a continuous loop. Celebrities entering into the fashion space makes it difficult to get attention; that mere fact makes using celebrities essential.