Could Drinking Wine Help Your Relationship?

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If you are a wine lover, you can go ahead and put on a happy face because we are about to give you another reason to open your favorite bottle of wine without feeling guilty. Couples who drink a bottle of wine together are more than likely to be happier together. According to a recent research, couples gain a usual form of companionship when they wine together.

The study reveals that couples who take the same amount of alcoholic content tend to be happier than those who don’t engage in drinking together.

According to the study, women express certain forms of unhappiness when they drink alone than when they drink with their partners. Put simply, drinking is more enjoyable when you share a bottle with a loved one.

According to the researchers, the study does not in any way suggest that people should drink more or alter their drinking schedule, but it just shows wine is more powerful than people give it credit for.

Over the years, wine has been associated with luxury, and the fact that it is a part of celebrations and events shows that it isn’t supposed to be enjoyed in isolation.

In regards to building up relationships and helping couples connect together, nobody really knows why wine works. But if we are to infer, it could be that couples who engage in more leisure activities can enjoy more marital bliss. So, maybe wine is the catalyst to a more enjoyable relationship.

The research took spanned ten years between 2006 and 2016. It involved around more than 2,500 married couples. The participants were subject to a series of questionnaires about their drinking habits. The questions revealed if they drank, the frequency at which they drank, and the type of drinks they consumed.

The study involved couples who were married for at least 30 years, with more than 65% in their first marriage.

The questionnaire also involved questions relating to their marriage and relationships, such as if they found their partner helpful or irritating, too critical or understanding, and so on.

According to the study, more than 50% of the couples drank together. Generally, husbands were more susceptible to drinking than their wives. But the wives found it more of an issue when only one of them drank.

Wives mentioned that they felt unhappy in their relationships if they were the only ones drinking.

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What Does The Study Tell us

The key takeaway from the study isn’t the rate of wine consumption, but whether or not both partners are drinking together. Wine is now a crucial part of relationships and friendships, and it has become a vital part of the world as we know. One thing is for sure, partners’ behaviors have an influence on their spouses.

The best way to go about it is to try as much as possible to take some of your partner’s behavior so as to have a happier relationship. If one of you isn’t a fan of drinking, maybe you should try and reduce your wine intake. On the other hand, if you fancy a glass of your favorite wine, try to enjoy it with your partner, rather than drinking it alone.