Comparing The Best Instagram Schedulers

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Review Of The Best Instagram Schedulers

With the ever-changing world of social media and audience interactions, the importance of implementing the right social media strategy most especially on Instagram cannot be overemphasized. Using the right strategy not only grows your followership, it also engages your audience in the right way and also enhances your social presence.

But it is understandable that, most folks would not have all the time in the world to post on Instagram from computer or via phone. Twenty-four hours can be small and quite frankly, most persons are pretty occupied most part of their day.

So, it is common for most people to look out for ways via which they can make life easy for them on Instagram. Who can blame them, as it makes perfect sense.

It is obvious that in order to get the best of the Instagram experience and help yourself to automatically post on Instagram, Instagram schedulers are implemented. These schedulers come as a helpful tool as they assist you with a lot of things like consistently making a post on Instagram from computer, without the need for you to manually do everything.

There are several Schedulers that you can choose to help you enhance your Instagram experience. In selecting a scheduler, we would explore the various options available an find the best that matches your needs. This comprehensive list has been created so that you can compare and contrast between each tool.



Onlypult is a lifesaver for persons and businesses that operate more than one Instagram account and even those with just an account. With this tool, you can automatically post on Instagram with an assurance that everything will match your expectations.

Onlypult makes your Instagram strategy every effective. It automatically posts on Instagram on your behalf and it comes with some incredible features.

Onlypult stores your hashtag in the My Tags section for quick use each time you create a post and not just that, there is already a plethora of hashtags categorized for your use.

Another impressive feature of this tool is that you can manage up to 40 Instagram accounts at a go. This is a winner with businesses that have several accounts as it makes managing several accounts very easy especially if you use virtual assistants. You do not need to worry about your Instagram password as it is completely safe as all interactions are carried out via the onlypult login details and not necessarily your account details.

Other features include an in-app image editor, multiple or single image uploading option, a general description option, a first comment option, a calendar view and also, an analytics option that helps you to determine the performance of your Instagram strategy.

As regards any potential drawbacks with onlypult, one reviewer mentions that onlypult lacks an autosave option. Which means if your Internet connection should go out in the middle of a scheduling process, or you suffer a technical glitch, you would have to start over.

With Onlypult, you have a lot of features from just one tool, which makes post on Instagram from computer, easy and effective.

Price: Onlypult plans start at $10.50 per month

Gruminstagram grum

This scheduling tool can automatically post on Instagram on your behalf. Grum stands out uniquely so you can easily post on Instagram from computer be it a Mac or a PC. You can make bulk posts and at the same time, you can also manage several accounts all at once.

The first comment feature is also one that comes in handy in several ways. You can add several hashtags to your account in combination with the first comment feature. It also comes with a hashtag counter, so persons don’t exceed 30 hashtags limit per post imposed by Instagram.

The major drawback with this scheduler is that registration is a difficult and only those with a coupon code can register. Unless you have a coupon code, you won’t be able to sign up at this point.

Price: Grum plan starts at $9.95 per month


Just like Onlypult, Schedugram can automatically post on Instagram for you without the need for you to do any manual work.

Schedugram has a rather unique way of posting content for you. Your schedule your posts on the Web app and someone from the Schedugram team manually post it for you via a smartphone.

It comes with a calendar layout that is simple to use and enables you to just drag and drop your content onto the specific time you would want it to post.

As a way of making your post more aesthetic, an in-browser editor allows you to put your post in the best shape before posting.

The major drawback of this scheduler is the price it offers for its plans.

Price: Schedugram plan starts at $20 per month


This is another great tool when it comes to Instagram scheduling. It allows businesses to schedule content visually to Instagram. It comes with an intuitive calendar layout that is simple to use and enables you to just drag and drop your content onto the specific time you would want it to be posted.

Later has a visual search tool which allows you to search for various users, hashtags and likes that you may want to repost in your own account.

There is also a media library that gives you the avenue to keep your media organized, a planning feature to visually help map out your post and detailed analytics to help measure the performance of your strategy.

The drawback of this tool is that the free plan Later offers to individuals supports only a few basic features.

Price: Individuals have a free plan. A business plan goes for $19 per month or $16 per month on a yearly plan.

instagram hopper


This is a great Instagram scheduling tool that is easy to use and comes with its own set of useful features.

The calendar mode allows you to drag and drop your posts in order to give you a mapping option for the week, month and beyond.

The tool also allows you to save your posts as a draft so you can finish them at your convenience. In addition to that, a bulk upload option, an in-app editor and the ability to manage several accounts makes HopperHQ a charming option.

Price: Individuals have a free plan. A business plan goes for $19 per month or $16 per month on a yearly plan.

Final Words

If you are in need to post on Instagram from computer Automatically, there are several Instagram schedulers out there to meet your specific taste. With amazing features and helpful analytics, your Instagram strategy will be effective with any of these tools. But if you would want a robust experience that won’t let you down, you have to give Onlypult a chance.