Challenges facing Nigerian Youths and Solutions



Youths are the work-force of any nation, country, or entity; they are the movers and shakers of pillars, the ones who really can make the change needed.
In Nigeria, youths make up for more than half (53%) of the total population of Africa’s largest country, and the issues faced by the significant workers of a nation definitely would be mitigators against social and economic growth of the nation.

Our young people are facing many challenges. The best and only way to solve the problem of our society is to highlight and address some of the challenges facing the youths.



You know, when one thinks of Nigeria and her problems, the first thing that pops up in mind is the corrupt system she’s been practising over decades. The resulting upshots of being nurtured i

n such a system are the visible moral misconducts and activities being performed by young adults in the nations today, the involvement in scams, cybercrime institutionalized bribery, nepotism and so many more since they’ve been watching the elders do it, why not them too?


Youths in Nigeria are claimed to be more than half of the 200+ million in Nigeria. With reports from the National Bureau of Statistics the unemployment rate among the youth at 65%, this shows Nigeria still has a long way to go regarding employment and job creation for her ever-uprising numbers.


In terms of education, Nig

eria seems to be lacking in many ways, gaining entry into public schools these days even involve money, what’s more, the high cost and toils of getting admitted into universities, with all these to settle for the poor and traditional methods of black and white, the educational system of Nigeria have refused to move with the advancements technology has brought to educators and educationists.


It’s unfortunate to know that most youths these days do not want to work hard to get things, they want it quick and easy, most youths are not interested in putting in the work to get the result, and thus search for quick shortcuts to success.

Sometimes ago, Presiden

t Buhari tagged the youths ‘lazy’, and there was an uproar, but he was right, most youths are lazy. Many people started talking about their achievements, but many more were just onlookers.


The issue of insecurity has been raving for a long time now, unnecessarily. Inhumane killings of people for no just cause mainly concentrated in the Northern parts of the country remains on an issue affecting youths in such communities who are forced to live their own ‘Land of Opportunities’ to find greener pastures elsewhere especially in places like Lagos State, this, in turn, leads to over-population of major cities across the nation.

This adds a tally as one of

the causes of unemployment in the nation.


Before solutions can be provided to solve any of these problems affecting Nigerian youths and helping to build a better path for the future of Nigerian youths, the following need to be put up.

  1. Public Empowerment Programs like NPowerYouWinYEDIall aimed towards developing youths through the provision of soft skills and coaching that aids them in life, business, and other aspects.
  2. Better infrastructure for entrepreneurs and ambitionists.
  3. A review of the educational sector, a look outside to see what’s new, what’s working and what can work for us.

All of these and more are the feasible solution that can be put into place to make this great nation greater.

To the future success of Nigeria, the Land of Green.