Boy Who Went Viral For Asking His Mum To Calm Down Bags Ambassadorial Deal With Anti-Domestic Violence NGO


The little lad went viral in a recent video where he asked his mom to “calm down” when she wanted to discipline him for doing what he has been told not to do. After the video, he has bagged an excellent ambassadorial deal with an anti-domestic violence NGO.

Combat Domestic Violence and Abuse Foundation, a non-governmental organization announced the ambassadorial deal on their Facebook page.

What Led To The Deal?

After coming across the video that his mother made of him, the organization fell in love with him and for being confident enough to tell his mom to calm down, thereby potentially curbing domestic violence. The organization decided to search for him; they did this by taking to their page to enjoin the public to help to locate the boy. The message reads thus:

“We, the president, (Chief Dozie Kaidi Obiaku), members and trustees of the Combat Domestic Violence and Abuse Foundation, would like to enjoin the general public to help us get to the boy in the viral video.”

They were making it known that they wanted to make him their ambassador.

“We would love to make him an ambassador.”

They went ahead to explain why they wanted to make him their ambassador.

“Every violence in the world could be avoided if we learned to calm down. We have adopted ‘Calm down’ as a critical mantra now, and we would love to bring the boy in as one of us. Please help us find him. Thank you.”

Announcing The Ambassadorial Deal

After asking for the help of the public to find their new ambassador, the organization was able to locate him and took no time to announce the deal on their Facebook page. The announcement read thus:

“Behold Our Calm Down Ambassador”

Upon unveiling their beloved ambassador, the organization took the opportunity to thank the general public on their efforts to find their ambassador by saying:

“I want to say thank you to all those who shared my request to meet the ‘Calm Down’ boy in the viral video.”

Also, they made it a point of duty to thank the individual personally that helped them get the contact of the boy’s mother:

“Mr. Ajala got me the telephone number of Mrs. Lawal, and we have spoken.”

Furthermore, the organization made reference to the role their new ambassador will be playing in the organization.

“Our board of the Combat Domestic Violence and Abuse Foundation is in talks about how our ambassador will help us preach the need for restraint when we are angry. You will all the hearing from us soon. Thank you once again.”

The story of the little boy changed overnight with his fantastic performance when trying to avoid being flogged. The video went viral a few days ago as it got different feedback from Nigerians as a handful of people believe beating your kid is a form of domestic violence. It is, however, good news for the little boy as the non-governmental organization agrees with the consensus and decided to make the boy the face of their fight against domestic violence.