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A man may choose when a woman can become his wife but he can’t tell what she is to mother or if she’d at all be a mother. From here we can see how it is that a man begins a journey; money make it like honey, then the honey gets as calm as a bunny. Meats lasting longer than ones bony; these roses feel to eyes red, to nose pink.

Think for a bit how in the twinkle of an eye hatred can sprinkle because of lacks sparkle. Packs of shackles in the endless and much needless rage; even the sage became a dog caged when she rants her nags. All her wants are her momentary needs; bills and fees are his thorny pills to swallow. These are words not to fall on minds shallow. HELLO!

Their nags are like fags, they are never straight; even at your gate, they careless of the day of your birth but your girth. See, your shirt can be “T” or “V”, as long as you are on the TV; they’ll call you “Deedee”. No sweat is sweet even if it pays your bills. Time and time again, work is endless whether lazy or smart; hard or cool. Don’t try to suit them; their wants are like suite, so compact.

Mr.! No one walks hoping to stumble, but time after time, we all stumble. Likewise, the wise is sometime foolish. This too is a bitter candy. The dandies sometimes look cranky. Don’t work to earn for them, love your work for them; because, no matter the much you give them, they ignorantly forget it as little.

In a nutshell, let your words be few. If you cannot say it, act it; if you cannot act it, live it; if all this is impossible, leave it. The bony bunny doesn’t need carrot; it might look like a dummy but it’s indeed husky. Don’t just be the man that is always on top of it, but the man that mans all of it.

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