Best Thriving Authentic Restaurants In Nigeria


If you try to find Nigerian food videos on online platforms, you won’t find as many as there are of other African countries –  which is a shame, because Nigeria is home to one of the most vibrant cuisines in the world. It has a thriving food scene that you must truly experience for yourself to know just how delicious the local delicacies offered by Nigerian restaurants are. When we talk about Nigeria food, pounded yam, jollof rice, and pepper fish come to mind, but there’s so much more to it than that. Here are the top four authentic restaurants for local food in Nigeria:

1. Yellow chilli

Best Thriving Authentic Restaurants In Nigeria

Let’s start simple with a 170-seat diner in Lagos casually named Yellow Chilli, which will serve you a variety of traditional Nigerian food with modern twists such as their fantastic seafood okra (with the juiciest prawn), which you can get with a side of pounded yam or amala.

There’s also jollof rice fiesta which you could choose to pair with snail for an exciting choice and beans that you could pair with beef, chicken, oxtail, or fish. There’s goat head and cow leg to enjoy until midnight. There is also a bar that’ll serve great drinks to go with the African delicacies on their wonderful menu. Yellow Chilli is honest, authentic Nigerian food paired with a relaxed ambiance.

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2. Rodizzio

Best Thriving Authentic Restaurants In Nigeria

If you’re looking for a pub rather than a diner, Rodizzio has the cozy atmosphere you’re looking for! You should go if you’re in the mood for meat because this is the barbecue restaurant of your dreams.

There are a DJ and Karaoke to accompany the fresh meat and seafood that you can eat your fill off with a side of rice, pasta, or salad too. Whether you’re looking for fillet beef, chicken wings, or perfect calamari, Rodizzio has it all for you.

3. Villa Medici

In Nigeria, up-and-coming restaurants have to compete with older ones that have already won the hearts of locals. And it isn’t always easy, especially when older restaurants like Villa Medici which has been around for nearly two decades will serve exotic European cuisine such as escargots in garlic butter paired with exquisite wines. There’s prawns, scallops, calamari, salmon, duck, and even frog served in light cream sauces or with fresh green salads.

4. D Café 

Best Thriving Authentic Restaurants In Nigeria

We’ve spoken about diners, pubs, and restaurants, so why shouldn’t we throw a café in there? Get ready for freshly brewed Nigerian coffee! At D Café, you can start your day with a shot of espresso or a cup of cappuccino before working up to light lunch sampling their hummus of the day, chicken satay with peanut sauce, quinoa salad, halloumi special, or chicken pesto sandwich. All of them are equally delicious options!

If healthy eating is not for you and you’d rather indulge yourself, go for their decadent waffles and ice cream or sinful Oreo vanilla ice cream sandwich! That’s some sweet tooth goodness right there.

Final Words 

Which of these authentic restaurants would you like to try out? Let us know!