Best Steps To Take To Travel On A Budget

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Best Tips To Travel On A Budget

Often, you will hear people say that the major reason why they don’t travel a lot is because traveling is expensive, and frankly they don’t have the resources to pull out a costly trip. It is common knowledge that traveling can be a bit expensive and too pricey, but don’t let that turn you off from having a great adventure and going to those places you’ve always wanted to go. You can travel on a budget, and lots of people are finding creative ways to travel without burning a hole in their finances.

For this travel guide, we would be looking at ways you can make your travel plans on a budget using Naples, Italy as a case study.

Best steps to take to travel on a budget to Naples, Italy

travel, budgetCome up with a plan

For those with an abundant stream of cash, you can just wake up one morning and the next thing, you are in Naples. Well for the rest of us, we can’t be that spontaneous, and our budget wouldn’t give us that luxury option. First, you have to come with a plan. Typically a plan will contain;


  • Flying agent to utilize
  • Means of transportation
  • Where to stay
  • Sites to see/places to visit and so on

Travel in the low/shoulder season

The travel cost will be where you would have to spend the bulk of your cash, but you can still get the best of deals. There are lots of cheap flight options most especially in the low/shoulder season when flights are cheap. If you are traveling to Naples, you can use several online travel agents like Wakanow and Expedia that offer affordable flight option to Naples.

Flexible accommodation options

Hotels can be very affordable in Naples, and the good news is that there are different hotels that fit different sizes of pockets. Take for example the Hotel San Giorgio, which is a three-star hotel, and it costs $35 for a night.

If you are on a thin on a budget, you can consider staying in hostels, like the Hostel of the Sun which goes for about $20 a night and it usually comes with breakfast, and WiFi.

travel, BudgetBe wise on food

Naples is spoiled with food, and you will be spoiled for choice as to what you can eat. Naples is the birthplace of all things pizza, and the costs of pizza are quite cheap. Rather than go all out for a 5-star meal, you could order a pizza and sandwich for as low as $5. If you want to cook your own home meals, then you can get cheap food times from places like Penny Market, or Eurospin.


Stay off taxis as much as you can most especially if you are on a budget. There are great sites to see all around Naples, and you can simply walk around and enjoy the many breathtaking views. If you insist on using a public transportation option, you can get a 1-day pass for less than $5, and you will still be able to tour around the city on a pocket-friendly price.

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have an enjoyable experience, and it doesn’t limit your fun. Instead, it gives you lots of options to be flexible and creative. You can travel on a budget.