Best Nigerian Destinations for Travel Geek

Photo by: Fela Sanu / EyeEm

With some of the spectacular historical sites, Nigeria is probably the most underrated tourist spot in Africa. The eye-catching locations in Nigeria are perfect for adventure lovers to visit. We have pinpointed some of the best Nigerian destinations for travel geeks around the world. The wide range of picturesque places will be hard to resist once you get to know about them.

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Ngwo Pine Forest

Best Nigerian Destinations for Travel Geek

Located in the Enugu state, Ngwo Pine Forest is a nature’s gift to the Ngwo community. The beautiful array of pine trees makes it more attractive as a getaway destination for tourists. Another attraction of the forest is the Ngwo cave and the waterfall dropping from the small opening at the cave’s roof. To reach the cave, you need to pave your way through the cluster of pine trees in the forest.

Oke Idanre Hill

Best Nigerian Destinations for Travel Geek

Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007, The Oke Idanre Hill is one of the beautiful landscapes in Nigeria with several cultural sites. The hill stands at 3,000 feet above the sea level and has a unique ecosystem upon which the cultural landscape is integrated. As you enter the ancient city of Idanre, you will see a tree named the ‘IRAYEE TREE.” Some of the noteworthy historical sites that you’ll come across include Agbooogun footprint, Omi Apaara (Thunder water), shrines, old court, Owa’s palace.

Sukur Cultural Landscape 

Best Nigerian Destinations for Travel Geek

This is Africa’s first-ever cultural landscape to be enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. It is situated in the northeastern capital of Nigeria – the Adamawa state. Located in the Mandara mountains, the unique site features traditional cemeteries, sacred trees deemed as spiritual content by the locals. The cultural landscape is also a perfect depiction of the indigenous lifestyle and culture. There is the palace of the local chief or Hidi on the hill, below which there are villages with their own indigenous architecture.


Best Nigerian Destinations for Travel Geek

Calabar stands at the Cross River state and includes many elements of historical significance like the first Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, the slave history museum, the national museum, Kwa waterfall, drill rehabilitation center, Mary Slessor’s house, resort, statues of historical figures, etc. If you love history and have a knack for traveling, Calabar is your place to visit!

Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove 

Locals in the banks of the Osun river consider it as a sacred grove. Osun denotes the Yoruba goddess of fertility, and the “sacredness” of the place can be believed to have originated four centuries back. The grove is one of the last sacred forests that enjoin the edges of most of the Yoruba city. To recognize its cultural value and global significance, UNESCO included it in its list of World Cultural Heritage sites. The Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove is a must explore for travel enthusiasts.

Bottom Line 

Mainstream media and news portals promoting western ideology forget to focus on these sites. Though the places of cultural and historical significance in Nigeria don’t come to limelight most often, exploring these wonderful Nigerian destinations will be a soothing experience for any adventure seeker.