Best Nigerian Delicacies That Everyone Needs to Taste

Photo by: Onasis Gaisie

As the international media portrays Nigeria, things that are often represented as markers of the country are oil, entertainment, corruption, or terrorism. Food is hardly shown as a vital element of Nigeria. In reality, the country has a wide variety of regional cuisines, and it is a hard nut to crack to shortlist from all these delicious foods. After a thorough analysis of all the Nigerian delicacies out there, we have come up with the most mouth-watering ones that no food lover should miss out on!

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5. Agege bread with Ewa Agoyin

Best Nigerian Delicacies That Everyone Needs to Taste

Named after the suburb Agege in the city of Lagos, Agege bread is white bread with a sweeter taste than the American white bread. The bread is best served with Ewa Agoyin – a delicious pepper sauce that is often combined with well-cooked beans. You might also prefer a few slices of the bread with your stewed eggs or dip your bread in ‘obe ata’ – a red pepper sauce.

4. Frejon  

Best Nigerian Delicacies That Everyone Needs to Taste

Frejon is a delectable dish that offers cooked beans mashed with coconut milk. The origin of it pays tribute to the city of Lagos and denotes the diverse culture in Nigeria. You will have the best taste if you combine it with a seafood stew. A flavorful tomato sauce mixed with spicy habanero and a bit of dried crayfish can add to the taste. A well-decorated garri (granulated cassava) gives a better texture to the dish, whereas green herbs and lemon zest sustain freshness.

3. Pepper Soup

Best Nigerian Delicacies That Everyone Needs to Taste

The Nigerian pepper soup is so versatile that you can pair several types of fish or meat with it. You can have goat meat, chicken, catfish, cow foot, or assorted beef with this pepper soup. The mixture of spices used in the consommé varies across different regions. No soup lover should regret trying this pepper

2. Puff Puff

Best Nigerian Delicacies That Everyone Needs to Taste

Puff puffs or deep-fried doughs are the Nigerian version of doughnuts. Locals often call it ‘small chops,’ implying that you can finish these appetizers in one or two bites.  If you toss the fried dough in sugar, the extra layer will give you a crunchy experience in every bite.

1. Nigerian Jollof Rice

A list of Nigerian delicacies would remain incomplete without the inclusion of this special rice. Jollof Rice is a widely served dish in many parts of Africa, and Nigeria has its own version of the rice. The rice is cooked using the obe ata sauce, spices, meat, and herbs. A balanced sauce-to-rice ratio ensures a fiery tanginess, which makes it irresistibly delicious.

Bottom Line

As the popular Yoruba (a language spoken by the ethnic Yoruba people) saying goes, “The soul that does not eat pepper is a dead soul.” The proverb epitomizes the overall nature of Nigerian cuisine. The spicy, flavorful dishes will give gastronomes all over the world a unique taste of scrumptious foods.