Beating Stage Fright


Stage fright. Stage performance in this case isn’t just performing at concerts. It could also be giving a speech or a presentation at school or even work. One thing all these have in common is that they need some confidence. Do you want to have a great performance and leave; feeling awesome at the end? Then stick to the end of this article for some great tips.

Performance on stage depends on what you have in mind; this is a major source of your confidence, your mind-set. You are not just doing this for performing sake; you want to impress your fans, or you want to leave a good impression of yourself on the audience. Whatever it may be; choose what you know will make you put in effort to perform your best, with confidence.

Before Going On Stage:


  • This is very important; you have to rest very well. A well rested mind tends to perform better, generally.
  • Practice more frequently as the day approaches. Practice doesn’t work for sports alone. Do a thorough research also to avoid embarrassment of not being able to answer questions from your audience at the end. If it’s a musical stage performance, record yourself practicing and watch to note any errors; work on them frequently, until you are confident.
  • Keep reminding yourself that you can do this; eliminate all negative thoughts.

Now You’re Performing:

  • Maintain a comfortable posture, stand straight, head up too.
  • Don’t rush things take the time you have well start slowly, if it’s a presentation, let the audience understand what you have to say.
  • If you have a friend there, lucky you! Maintain eye contact with that friend who’ll be interested in your performance and support you with their nod and facial expression.

Please, feel free to come back to this write-up anytime you need to get reminded on how you can have a great performance. Kindly share other tips on the comment section!