Outfit By Clan

A friend asked me this question after I invited him to the National Art Competition, an annual competition worth up to 2 million Naira that aims ¨to unite artists and society through the interpretation of crucial themes¨. His question got me thinking about what I enjoy so much about this ´art stuff´. Yes, I´m a very visual person, but that’s not what I enjoy most about going to exhibitions like this. I enjoy exhibitions like this because they sensitize me to issues that can become easy to ignore in societies inundated with issues like Nigeria. Plus, this event in particular was free and as it was sponsored by Nigerian Breweries so was the booze

Below, I´ve highlighted a couple of pieces that really stood out to me. Ada Umeofia´s The V Stall which focuses on rationalizing and simplifying the design of the informal market, a common ground in everyday life for the marginalized majority, in order to improve the trading experience.

Ada Umeofia´s The V Stall

Jacqueline Suowari´s Paper Dolls, which focuses on unraveling the multi dimensionality or lack thereof of women within our society and assessing how this can impact the development of our society.

Jacqueline Suowari´s Paper Dolls

I would greatly encourage people to attend events like this across Lagos particularly during this up coming Christmas season. During Christmas, not only are these events more ubiquitous, they also offer a fun, free and alternative way to spend an evening with friends and family alike in support an often side lined craft.

After, the exhibition my friends and I had worked up quite an appetite. So, we decided to diversify our dining experience and try Crust and Cream ( I say diversify, because we´ve been a bit obsessed with Café Neo of late, but that´s a story for another day…

Crust & Cream did not disappoint, whilst I love Neo, it offered the same free Wi-Fi, excellent lighting and décor Neo does, but is open until later AND has a more extensive menu with delicious offerings at a reasonable price. We would rate this place a 9/ 10 and highly recommend you check it out if you´re a die-hard Café Neo fan looking for a change of scene. Please find more information on Crust & Cream below:

Crust & Cream
11 Musa Yaradua Street,
Victoria Island,
Eti Osa, 
PHONE: +234 1 295 8105