Are You Saying No As Much As You Want?


Enough is Enough

Have you ever felt as if you’re doing so much for someone, yet you feel as if you’re not getting the same measure back? Does it feel as if you’re doing something wrong? Relationships, partnerships, and friendships are all a two-way street. Doing something nice for someone is a great thing to do, and in return, you should receive something nice back, that’s the way it ought to work. There are times when you are doing so much work or general favours for someone, yet that person doesn’t even realize it, and they don’t give the same feeling back.

Times can get tough when you’re feeling alone; you may as well be looking for or even craving the attention of someone.

You need to understand and learn to say no at times. Enough is enough. If you go through life-giving all your respect, love, and attention to a specific person, but essentially you are not receiving it back, then something is seriously wrong. You need to have respect and love for yourself because the truth is, that person doesn’t have respect and love for you, they’re just using you, and that is a cruel thing to do.


The Storm Before The Calm

Saying no to someone can be hard, and you’re probably scared of what the outcome may bring, but in time you will start to realize that you were being used and controlled! Control is a powerful word, and some people use it to feel better about themselves, thinking people are below them, and worse off than them. Bullies are control freaks, and bullies who may well have been having a hard time themselves think it’s a good idea to hurt someone.

If you’re going through this, if you are being made to do stuff, or even if you are doing it for them without them asking you to, but you do not receive anything in return, you need to turn around and walk away from them. In time, you’ll see that you were in a horrible situation; at the time, you may not feel as if it is, but you’ll realize later on in life.

Finding that someone or a group of persons who’ll treat you the way you deserve to be treated will give you the greatest feeling in the world. Having that bond, that connection knowing that you have each other’s back, will make you realize that you are in a real team. Everyone deserves that someone or a certain group where they can be themselves and not feel used or cheated.

Final Words

If you’re that person, it may be hard to walk away now, but trust me, in time, you will realize how much you were actually being used in doing so much for someone yet getting nothing in return. Walk away and be free, live a happy life that you deserve.