The most interesting tourist experience in Africa


The most interesting tourist experience in Africa

Would you like to try completely different tourism throughout Africa?. Traditional African tribes will certainly please you. No matter if you are looking for extreme tourism, exotic cultures, beautiful spots, or just a different experience. Traveling through Africa and knowing its oldest communities offer you these adventures and even more. Africa waits for you to showcase its formidable cultures and environmental attributes.

Which are the most popular African tribes to meet?

More than fifty countries from Africa; from Morocco to Madagascar their territories and people are full of cultures, traditions, identities, and charm. In every African tribe, you can find different worlds, with different organizations and different social conceptions. Below are listed the five most popular African tribes to meet:


This ethnic group is known as the largest in South Africa with around 11 million people. Zulu people are known for their practice and belief in Ubuntu which means “humanness” or “good disposition”. Tourists can visit the cultural Shakaland village and taste some Zulu tribal life full of interesting cultural expressions.


The Maasai are the most popular tribe throughout Kenya. Even though most people there have adopted a modern lifestyle, they have not abandoned their origins. They often stand out showcasing their bright red robes, their traditional Shuka plaid sheets, or their beaded jewels. And, they still live in Boma huts and cattle herds.


The Oromo tribe is located in southern Ethiopia, northern Kenya and parts of Somalia. It is also the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, comprising 35% of the country’s population. Its Waaqa religion and the Oromo language can be some exciting aspects to learn more about.


With a population of 35 million people, they live in Nigeria and in southern Benin. Yoruba communities traditionally live in agricultural compounds. They practice their native religion featuring a vast pantheon of deities. The Yoruba are popular for their music. Defined as one of the most complex drumming cultures in the world. 


The Himba in northern Namibia is a semi-nomadic pastoralist tribe. They are known as the “red people of Africa” due to a red paste that they paint themselves with. They are popular for the holy fire (Okuruwo) that burns 24 hours a day commemorating their ancestors.

How to get there?

There are many online travel agencies that offer you this invaluable cultural adventure. We invite you to choose on the web the one that fits your preferences. Most travel agencies provide you with safaris services (excellent to know wild animal life), but if you want to know traditional Africa’s heart you would need something else.

That’s why some other agencies focus on these famous African tribes and get you there. They prepare a complete itinerary including visiting local communities, spending time next to natives, learning cultural practices from locals, and much more.

Why meet an African tribe?

Africa is a unique continent full of unique spots, unique environments, unique animals, unique people, and unique cultures. These ethnic groups show you the deepest part of Africa. They discover a lot of realities full of different meanings. Adventures like these ones could change many conceptions you have; they could positively change your life.

If you are a lover of adventures and cultures around the world, this is perfect for you. Africa offers an innumerable quantity of places and cultural expressions to fall in love with. Do not hesitate, contact a travel agency and reserve a touristic tour. Go and meet an African tribe, there will be many exciting experiences.

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