A Single Bringing Positivity and Praise: An Interview with Beverly Oh


As winter draws in, it’s time to dispel the winter blues with upbeat tunes. And Beverly Oh’s new single more than delivers.

Her new track Chioma, which was released on 11th December, is an uplifting celebration of Igbo culture and life’s gifts. Produced by Beverly Oh’s frequent collaborator Selebobo, Chioma is the seventh single released by the songstress since moving to Nigeria from the United States in 2015.

With her parents hailing from the Imo state, her decision to return to Nigeria coincided with her transition from Rap to Afro-Pop, as well as her breakup with High-Life singer Flavour N’abania. And she’s gained a large following, with over 25 million followers on Instagram alone.

But music isn’t her only line of work. Like many Nigerian artists, Beverly Oh has her fingers in many pies.

The Texas-born singer, songwriter, rapper, presenter and actress has also added ‘fashion designer’ to her resume this year, with the launch of her clothing brand ‘Nexus Munroe’. So it’s fair to say that 2020 hasn’t been all bad for Beverly.

To celebrate the release of her latest single, we spoke to Beverly Oh about transitioning from Rap to Afro-Pop, settling into Nigerian life and her relationship with Selebobo.

You started your music career in rap; was branching out a conscious choice for you?
Yes, it was a conscious choice because in the Nigerian market, rap is not that popular and it’s even harder if you’re a female rapper.

How have you found living in Nigeria since moving in 2015?
Nigeria is my second home. I have fully developed my character after moving here.

With your latest single, what do you want listeners to take away from Chioma?
I want listeners to remember to count their blessings one by one and remember all the things God has done. Basically, just be thankful.

You’ve worked with Selebobo on several projects since coming to Nigeria; is your relationship purely business?
Umm, next question.. lol.

You have a lot of other strings to your bow, including starting your own clothing brand this year! Do you enjoy wearing many different hats?
Yes, I love the fact that I can almost do anything. God was showing off when he created me.

And finally, what do you have planned for 2021?
I have many plans but I’d rather show than say. Just know that I’m going to be in every household.

Chioma is out now.