A life Of Ease With AI

A life Of Ease With AI

What Exactly Is AI?

AI is short for Artificial Intelligence. I know there are still people out there who haven’t grasped what or how exactly AI affect our daily life. When most people hear the term artificial intelligence, the first thing they usually think of is robots. Artificial Intelligence (AI) simply refers to any machine that exhibits traits associated with a human mind such as learning and problem-solving.

AI is continuously evolving to benefit many different industries. Machines are wired using a cross-disciplinary approach based in mathematics, computer science, linguistics, psychology, and more. In this article, we see some ways in which AI makes life easier and assists in some daily activities.

Search Engine

Search engines couldn’t scan the entire internet and deliver what you want without the assistance of artificial intelligence. Google has become such an important part of our lives, that so many people cannot go a day without checking it out for some information. Also, ads are enabled by AI. They are based on personal search history and with the goal of getting items in front of you which the algorithms believe you will value.

“OK Google”

Any android user would be familiar with these words. I am talking about digital voice assistants here, like siri. Digital voice assistants are quickly becoming a very crucial part of our lives. Siri, Alexa, and Cortana as well, use natural language processing and generators driven by AI to return answers to us. These tools help in various ways from setting reminders, giving swift information, and also inquiring about the weather.

Face Identification

I’m going to specifically talk about Apple’s face ID here, because it seems to be the best around. It lights up your face and places 30,000 invisible infrared dots on it and captures an image. It then uses machine learning algorithms to compare the scan of your face with what it has stored about your face to determine if the person trying to unlock the phone is you or not. When your device gets unlocked using face ID, it’s using artificial intelligence to enable that functionality.

Modern Day Banking

Banks are leveraging AI on the front end to smooth customer identification and authentication, mimic live employees through chat-bots like the “UBA’s Leo”, deepen customer relationships, and provide personalized insights and recommendations. There are many ways artificial intelligence is deployed in our banking system. It’s highly involved in the security of our transactions and to detect fraud. Even when you just log on to your online banking account, AI is at work behind the scenes.

Social Media

This is probably the most used, yet I saved the best for last. Many people unlock their phones just to check their social media. AI is a fundamental part of how today’s social networks function. AI often operates behind the scenes of popular platforms, and entirely at the discretion of the company that owns the platform. Instagram uses AI to identify visuals. Snapchat leverages the power of computer vision, an AI technology, to track your features and overlay filters that move with your face in real-time. LinkedIn uses AI to offer job recommendations, suggest people you might like to connect with, and serve you specific posts in your feed.

In summary, AI in social media is figuring out friend suggestions and also identifying and filtering out fake news.