A Case For Fashion As A Genuine Art

fashion art

Different people have different definitions and explanations for what fashion is and isn’t. If you combine all the definitions, the common denominator is, that fashion is the perfect combination of creativity, imagination, communication, style, and utility.

Due to the changing times, lots of persons (and this include fashionistas, brands, and designers) have forgotten that fashion in its truest of forms is legitimate art. All over history (and in recent times), designers have shown the often overlooked concept that fashion is legitimate art. Take the likes of Alexander McQueen. His work goes as far as touching the human soul. In a way, he incorporated passion, energy, and soul into his creations that people who wore his designs became a living manifestation of art. Even more recently, other designers have combined art and fashion to produce unique results.

Historically, fashion has not been put on the same platform as music, painting, or sculpture. However, it is one of the truest forms of art. The reason for that is that fashion is art lived daily. Whether you are conscious of what you put on or not, you are an expression of art simply by what you wear.

Just like a painter or sculpture, the fashion designer creates a piece that meets the demands and needs of people. In other words, fashion only exists when there is someone to wear and bring it to life. With that said, we can say that fashion is a performance art. The wearer of the designed piece is representing the designer and having a conversation with viewers. Fashion is bringing communication and human art to life. It gives us an artistic platform to communicate who we are, where we are coming from, where we’ve been, and the person we would like to be.

Art and fashion are in a symbiotic relationship. Everything we see around us is a by-product of our society. Our experiences, what we see, and the kind of person we are is connected. We can’t pinpoint any object in the world today and say it doesn’t belong to the world of art. We can tell so much about a person or a group of people or culture by what they wear, just as much as we can tell by the paintings associated with such people or culture. By adding different media to create art, we are able to elevate our lives, and by doing that, connect to the essence of our being.

Mind you, fashion shouldn’t be identified with luxury. It is a vital piece to a fulfilling life. Most times, we neglect this essential part of our self-actualization and self-development. What we choose to wear can act as an indispensable tool for reshaping our sense of being.

All fashion is designed with the passion, style, and energy an artist gives it. Their energy can enable us to realize our goals, targets, and desires without realizing it. Many people have come to realize that what they wear affects their happiness, business, and wellness.

In conclusion, what we wear is the art we become. Fashion gives us a sense of who we are and who we hope to become.