Have you been having difficulties in looking stylish? Or you haven’t ever thought about being stylish because of the cost? Well, the first best tip you should know about being stylish is that you don’t have to spend too much. All you need is the right style for each outfit. With these eight tips, your style just got better.

1) Invest in sunglasses

One way to look fab especially when not much work has been done on the other outfit is to throw on sunglasses. This is one accessory that would never go wrong in giving you a style. They are just never too much! Look through the several options in any stores for the perfect shapes and sizes that suits your face and adds more glam to it. Sometimes, you can decide to rock an oversized glasses which is always just a good option for both guys and girls. No doubt, sunglasses make you intentional about your style because it commands lots of attention which you don’t want to miss. Plus you also get to keep the sunburn off your face. Great investment right?

2) Love your jacket

The conventional way of styling a skirt to church or a pant for guys is always with a suit. Instead of that, style it up with some denim, leather or even ankara jackets. These brand of jackets are major statements in your fashion story. Jackets are always fashionable and always makes up for the outfit beneath. Even if the other outfit you wear is not so costly, go the extra mile to have a branded jacket to sophisticate the look.

3) Practice DIY

Everybody just seems to be performing magic with their own clothes and this is a good way to style up also. You might not be able to convert old shirt to a top but you sure can cut those old jeans to a fancy short. Is that ankara trouser shorter than it used to be? Don’t worry too much, create a style from it. The truth is, every guy or girl you see at the beach these days prefer shorts because they are good choices and you can achieve that from your usual long jean. In any way at all, do well to define your style.

4) Add weird to your style.

Instead of wearing the same thing others are rocking, define your style by doing the unusual. For instance, everybody would rather just wear a sandal or heel with a native gown or traditional men attite but why not try a sneakers on it instead? The norms can be boring sometimes but just a unique touch can change the whole outfit. Sometimes, weird is stylish so don’t be afraid to look weird, it’s your style.

5) Accesorize intentionally

If you prefer to leave your hands empty before now, then it has to change because you are on a different style level. For guys, never go out without your wristwatch and this can also be a good accessory for the ladies who would rather not settle for bangles. Both the wrist watch and bangles have a way of making you look more fashionable and classy. You can invest in varieties or just change the leather of the wristwatch to match your outfit. Likewise, the ladies can cover up the bangles with pattern materials like ankara for more style.

6) Tailor your clothe well

This is a very important part of your style journey. You mustn’t just give any random tailor because of the lower cost, you won’t want a disparity between what your ordered and what you got. Don’t make the mistake of just managing a clothe because it was a family tailor, instead be bold about what you want everytime. That’s your gateway to having well styled and shaped clothes to rock.

7) Keep your wardrobe intact

This is a major point that needs to be emphasized. For you to really maintain a gorgeous style, you should be ready to do extra in selecting the clothes that fit into your wardrobe and keep them all ironed and well packed. A stylish person is also a neat person you know. So if you want to consistently look fab, your wardrobe has to be ready to do that for you. You wouldn’t want to be waiting for electricity restoration before you can look stylish.

8) Wear confidence

If you ever thought confidence is not an outfit on its own, think again! It is one major outfit you should also wear out. A confident person can make the most disastrous outfit appear glam. It is just a mind setting that needs to be encrypted into every outfit you wear.

So here you have it, the eight best things to do to step up that style and make you stand out and also make others wish they were just wearing you.