7 of the Best Mac Miller Hits



We are still mourning the death of Mac Miller. It was something that was so tragic and unexpected.

Many people are still asking, when did Mac Miller die?

It was the fateful day of September 7 2018 that we lost the man, the myth and the legend known as Mac Miller. He was a young 26 years old who was really just getting started in the industry.

He had been making a name for himself for the last decade. He had been a global sensation with his mixtapes, his chart topping albums, his killer singles and his romance with superstar Arianna Grande.

But unfortunately, the end came early for Mac Miller as a result of his battles with drug use. In the end, it was a drug overdose that killed him. The timing left many fans scarred. His most recent work was some of his best yet and he left many wondering what would have come if he was still alive today.

Sadly, all that is left of Mac Miller are the legendary tunes he left us with. We are going to remember his best ones and why we are thankful to have them.

  1.     Diablo

This was one of the more recent works of Mac Miller, making its way onto his mixtape known as Faces. He produced it, but we bet many people didn’t know that! Many don’t know that Mac Miller often went with another name of Larry Fisherman. So if you see Mac Miller’s music produced by Larry, he produced it himself! Diablo just shows how talented Mac was in the musical industry, period. 

  1.     Donald Trump

No, this was not a political jab at the current US President. In fact, this song was released well before Trump entered the political world. Before Trump became president he was a well known businessman who was very rich. Many young rappers aspired to be as wealthy as Trump, including Mac Miller.  The song talks about how Trump shows what it takes to be successful at business. It was actually the song that started to launch his musical career!

  1.     Nikes on my feet

Mac Miller had swag. Especially shoe swag. So it is no surprise that he wrote a hit song about one of his favorite shoe brands, Nike. It was this style of music that made Mac Miller really popular on college campuses and was full of witty lines that really make the listener think about the meaning of the song! We all love when songs make us think, and Mac Miller was the master at doing that 

  1.     Rain

This song was done with the help of Vince Staples. The result was incredible. This song takes listeners back to Mac Miller’s childhood and they get a personal insight into how he grew up. It also alludes to past drug problems and issues with depression. It is a song that now puts a sad shadow on things that were doomed to come.


  1.     Kool Aid

This was probably one of the best songs he ever put on a mixtape! However, the success did not come without feuds. The song gives homage to Lord Finesse and uses a re-working of the original lyrics. Lord Finesse was not impressed and took Mac Miller to court. But luckily the two came to an agreement and it just goes to show that it really is impossible to have disliked Mac Miller. He was such a good guy!

  1.     Cinderella

Mac Miller and Ty Dolla $ign teamed up to create an all time classic that still hits a chord today. The song speaks to Mac Millers relationship with his girlfriend Ariana Grande and the storytelling has never been better. The song pulls on our heart strings, keeps us dreaming and leaves us impressed with his skillful and tactical rhymes.

  1.     Self Care

This is one of the last songs Mac Miller left us and one of his best. The lyrics pay homage to his then ex Arianna Grande, as the two had just gone through a break-up. It also gives an eerie insight into what might have been going on through Mac Miller’s head prior to his death. The lyrics are sad and he discusses his temptations with drugs and depressive tendencies. It was a new type of music he was getting into and his mind was clearly thinking on a different level. But with the sadness in the lyrics, there was also hope. Which makes his sudden death all the more tragic.

Mac Miller still lives on in the rap world. He truly did pave the way for a whole new generation of young superstars. And we are so lucky to still be blessed with a decade of amazing songs that keep us close to this rap legend. They are little time capsules of his life and we are glad we can replay these songs over and over to keep him in our hearts and minds.