5 Super Stylish Ways To Wear Your Shirts

Here are five ways to wear your shirt to look stylish.


The shirt, a simple classic? For sure an essential, but not boring for a penny because it sweeps away received ideas with a cuff or a collar. There are some chics stylish ways to wear your shirts and make you look unique in it.

Here are five ways to wear your shirt to look stylish.

Whether you want to add a twist to the trusty shirt that hangs out in your closet or you’re ready to invest in a new model, we’re helping you dust off this basic. Follow the guide to grab some chics ways to wear your shirts!

1 – The shirt inside out: the cool girl thing

It’s the easiest way to revisit your shirt but also one of the most feminine (and sexy). By simply turning your shirt over to have the button tabs on the back, the possibilities multiply! Simply buttoned upside down in a wise fashion, buttoned up to the middle of the column to reveal the lower back or, on the contrary, carelessly tied in the arch to reveal a pretty neckline in the back, the shirt is just what you want. It is necessary. It’s up to you to wear it inside out according to your moods of the day to play with this timeless basic.

2 – Forget the slim fit and go for oversize

The further cuts are also popular among fashionistas; it’s an opportunity to highlight models balances purchased a little “too large” or an excellent reason to bite than your guy! Dare it very couture and fashion on second-skin leather pants or slim jeans. Or, play with the volumes of your shirt by making it lightly blouse into a skirt and leaving a few buttons unbuttoned on the top to create cleavage like nothing and voila!

3 – Belt her!

Easy to put on and practical for structuring your figure, the belt is the ally of your shirt, especially when it is long. If all models are allowed to mark the size a little more and personalize your classic white or striped shirt, there are, however, belts to favor to be chic. This is the case of the leather models, rather wide, which give allure to your basis in the blink of an eye. The must-have of the season? The wide corset-style laced belt because it is back in force and more modern than ever this season. She then dresses the shirt to perfection and gives you a feminine look! Discreet tone-on-tone or displayed in black on white, it’s up to you.

4 – Dare to wear it unstructured

Do you want to wear the shirt differently, and are you ready to go shopping to offer a new model? Bet on a shirt reinvented with a modern cut. Reworked neckline and collar, asymmetrical seams, shirt longer behind than on the front or with a diagonal collar… the possibilities are endless to wear an (almost) unique model! You will no longer be bored with your shirt on.

5 – Go for a fancy model

As easy as putting on a shirt, choosing a fancy one is ideal! Whether you find a model with a fun print or a striped fabric twisted by a patch, a simple shirt with a beaded collar or enhanced with a pretty original set of sleeves: you are spoiled for choice to reinvent this classic of the wardrobe upon purchase!

So you no longer have any excuse to wear your low shirt profile and all the features in the sleeves to make it more trendy.