5 Global Designers Leading the Fashion Revolution

Photo by: Portra

Fashion is not just about trendy clothes or status anymore. Fashion is now a statement – a way to discover your inner potentials and be the voice of positive changes. With fashion, you are not only establishing your personality but also bringing a revolution in society. However, the driving forces behind these are the designers who are consistently working towards breaking the norms and bringing greater values in the world of fashion. Here are 5 global designers who are leading the fashion industry towards a revolution.

Nkwo Onwuka   

Founder of NKWO

With a psychology major from the University of Nigeria, she decided to make not just a commercial product – but designs that express how people feel. She saw a problem in secondhand clothing, much of which cannot be resold. She observed that much of these clothes end up in landfills and are also harmful to the textile industries. That’s why she uses materials to make clothes sustainable as well as ethical. She has invented a new type of cloth named Dakala that is made out of secondhand clothes and tailor’s cut-offs by embracing the zero-waste theory.

5 Global Designers Leading the Fashion Revolution

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Allyson Ferguson  

Founder of SEEKER

Allyson Ferguson is breaking the norms in the fashion industry. Hers is a gender-neutral and age comprehensive brand. With SEEKER she designs daily wear clothes that are sustainable as well as ethical. She strongly believes in sustainability and uses organic cotton, hemp, and sometimes cashmere and silk. Her objective is to make casual and convenient pieces that can blend with your personality regardless of gender. Her best collections were gee-styled kimonos, loose button-ups, and canvas chinos.

5 Global Designers Leading the Fashion Revolution

Dominic Sondag 

Founder of s.k. manor hill

A San Francisco-born designer who studied designing in Florence, Dominic Sondag derives his inspirations from the Italian approach to fashion and art. His collaboration with designer Daiki Suzuki helped him launch his spring 2016 collections. His brand s.k. manor hill is often mistaken for menswear, but the reality is that it is gender-neutral. In his collection, you will see vintage, timeless, and classic inspirations.

5 Global Designers Leading the Fashion Revolution

Ty Ziskis 

Founder of Zed 

Ty Ziskis’s Seattle-based clothing line Zed may appear to you as menswear, but it is a gender-neutral brand. Ty Ziskis focuses on simplicity and minimal designs. That’s why his pieces are best for work, travel, and weekends.

Katie Jones 

Founder of Katie Jones

With the self-named brand, Katie Jones is a UK-based knitwear designer who is working for the eco-friendly fashion industry. Her designs are playful, and she is working towards making her grandmother’s vision successful. She addresses the issue of over-consumerism and landfills by using the unused materials of textile material and turning them into fun and colorful clothes.

Final Thoughts

These designers are making a change in the fashion mindset and coming up with new approaches. Their insights are really praiseworthy and promising for the future of the fashion horizons. With their leadership, you can witness and experience a whole new dimension of fashion that you may have never thought of.