3 Ways Cats Are More Than Pets

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Cats are not just there to be cute and cuddling, from being able to predict a storm to detecting cancer, cats have a reliable instinct, and this creates an avenue for keeping people safe.

Recently, Haley Wigent’s kitty was pawing at the glass door overlooking the porch she thought “maybe the neighbor’s possum is on the porch again. I looked at the porch from inside the house, and there was somebody on my porch, standing close to my house.”

Wigent gave a quick call to the police, and the danger was averted. Her unique experience with her cat led her to search for stories of how other cats have in one way or the other saved their owners.

Another feline called Pinkers, woke his owner up after she suffered from Carbon monoxide poisoning and fainted. Pinkers licked her until she was awake.

A pair of cats refused to let their owner into the kitchen until they had killed a couple of copperhead snakes that found their way into the kitchen.

These protective cat behavior would make cats excellent watchdogs to have around.

So let’s look at ways cats offer protection to humans.

Weather prediction

As Konrad Lorenz, a naturalist puts it, cats ” don’t see the surface as humans. Instead, they see it covered by an energy net in the form of geomagnetic fields emanating from the ground.” This ability makes them great at tracking earthquakes, storms and tornadoes. This ability still holds for mild weather as well. As it is often the case, cats will respond to changes in barometric pressure by moving around with pace like race cats without control. Predicting weather condition is almost a domestic cat behavior, that is observed in different forms.

Putting off snakes

The battle between cats and snake have been ongoing for a while now, and it doesn’t look like it is stopping any time soon. As history goes, snakes and rodents where a great threat to grain stores back in ancient Egypt, so cats offered an effective and efficient way to get rid of both with minimal fuzz.

Till date, that protective behavior has been with cats, and they are still putting off snakes with the poisonous ones inclusive as well. With their flexibility and speed, cats are very much up to the task in combating snakes.

Saving lives

The story of Masha, the stray cat, comes to mind whenever people talk about cats and their ability to save lives. As the story goes, Masha kept an abandoned baby warm and protected by wrapping herself around him in freezing conditions. Masha walked beside the paramedic carrying the baby boy to the ambulance “, and she pitifully meowed.”

The examples below offer a glimpse of the heroic nature cats has displayed over the years.

  • May 2014, a tiger cat named Tara had to fight a dog who attacked a 4-year-old boy. “It is common knowledge that cats show this protective behavior towards a fellow cat, a dog or even a person,” said Nicholas Dodman on witnessing the event. “Tara knew what she was doing, and the protective cat behavior kicked in, and she attacked the dog.”
  • Back in 2009, a cat by the name Tiger jumped into his owner’s bed and moved his paw on the left side. Little did Lionel Adams, the owner of Tiger know that he had stage 1 lung cancer. The timely intervention of surgeons saw that part of his lung removed. “If t weren’t for Tiger, it would have gone undetected for 6 months,” Adams said.