Style Kingz…DJ Spinall, If the hats fit – wear dem

Hats on, f*uck it hats off! Our Style King this week spins his hats like his music.

DJ Spinall African style hats
If the hat fits...

DJ Spinall is one of Nigeria’s more serious exports, an award-winning, international DJ who wears many hats, literally.  They are his trademark – his aka is The Cap (Crazy Ass Party) and what’s cooler than a portable party in a hat?  If the cap fits, wear it right? Spinall’s music is diverse and attention-seeking much like his hat selection. He has hats for weddings, hats for casual street style, hats for awards ceremonies and hats for the homies. He is not afraid to rock an aso oke fila with a tracksuit or a boater with a bomber. The ladies surely don’t seem to mind.

His distinctiveness put him in the lineup for Style Kingz and the shades seal the deal.  DJ Spinall is not just a celebrity DJ playing the hits, he is a hitmaker himself with collaborations with Olamide, Mr Eazi and more happening this year.

DJ Spinall’s hats give him a quirky and intellectually curious look – atypical of DJs in general. You can see from the gallery they are carefully selected, not thrown on in a random fashion. They match his fashion-conscious crowd.  Whether Lagos, New York or Joburg, Spinall fits seamlessly into the party scene but always retaining something of himself. The hats are a metaphor for his African identity but perhaps something deeper, an anchor in the fast and furious, international party scene.

To get his look, it’s not even the hat per se. It’s about taking something you can get obsessive about like a handkerchief, cravat, hat or belt and really personalising it and only wearing the items you really love. This is a style point you must build around a personal point of reference.