NEW $100m Netflicks movie BRIGHT stars Will Smith

Bright is the new, very expensive, Netflicks Movie starring Will Smith but will it be too clever for its own good?


Will Smith is set to star in Bright, a new, record-breaking Netflicks movie later this year.

Bright takes place in a futuristic, “fucked-up” version of Los Angeles, according to director David Ayer. There are three classes of citizens: elves, humans and orcs. Like modern society, social hierarchy plays a big role, and above all else, the movie focuses on the class structure in place.

“Fairy lives don’t matter”

Bright also has magic, explosions and car chases. It’s not your run of the mill action thriller that’s for sure.  Ayer and the cast of the film were present at Comic con to build a little hype for a perhaps confusing concept.

So a ‘bright’ is non humans with magic abilities.  There is a hierarchy of magic. Elves are at the top. They have wealth, beauty, privilege etc. Humans lucked out. They’re at the bottom of the magic food chain. Meanwhile there are orcs in the mix too.

Will Smith plays a disgruntled cop in the LAPD having to deal with the daily frustrations that come from being out-magicked.

The film also features Noomi Rapace (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and Joel Egerton (Star Wars, The Secret life of us).

This is the most Netflicks have ever spent on a movie and it’s so unconventional, this is a big risk, but betting on our post-Game of Thrones appetite for more magic in our TV diets no doubt.

This is Will Smith’s first movie of 2017. He starred in the widely panned Suicide Squad in 2016, but it was still in the top ten highest grossing movies of the year showing he is still hugely bankable.

The other twist is that Will Smith plays a ‘racist’ cop which is obviously a take on the whole #blacklivesmatter movement – some might say better left alone after Kendall’s Pepsi debacle. But hey ho, money to be made.

Bright will be released on Dec. 22 exclusively on Netflix.