10 ways to Rock Ankara with Sneakers


Some fashion genius came up with sneakers on ankara fashion style and some of us jumped on it, even though at the beginning, it sounded a little absurd. For the few left who thought it was crazy, they slowly began to get accepted into the club of those who found it appealing. Before we knew it, it became less absurd and more impressive to throw on a colorful ankara wear and add a pair of sneakers to it.

However, like almost everything that has hit the face of the planet earth, some people still do not know how to wear this invention properly. This article will give you 8 ways to wear this ankara with sneakers.

Jumpsuit: Jumpsuits are perfect for an ankara sneakers pairing and this is not out of place. ankara is a casual material and the only jumpsuits you can wear with sneakers are the ones made from casual materials.
2. Playsuits: Ankara playsuits seem to have made a lifelong deal with sneakers because they look absolutely amazing together.
3. Short dresses: Whether flayed or straight, the short dresses were the first set of ankara matches made, they made sense then, they make sense now and they will forever make sense.
4. Trousers: Yes, yes, and yes again. Trousers in all the shapes and styles they come make a very good pair with ankara. Just make sure you are wearing the right type of shirt.
5. Shorts: Either knee-length or thigh-length; shorts made from ankara fabric are very good companions with sneakers.
6. Kimono jackets: This is that uncle who has an answer to all your problems–the kimono jacket. Anything you wanted to wear on your feet goes with the kimono jacket, especially sneakers.
7. Tops: Simple tops made from the ankara fabric are usually very perfect with the sneakers. However, keep in mind that the style of the top will either make or mar your ankara sneakers’ plans.
8. Skirts: Knee-length or thigh-length ankara skirts can be paired with sneakers. The skirts do not have to have a specific style or pattern, just that everything goes. However, you cannot wear a skirt that is below your knees. Unless you are intending to make a loud abnormal disruption-style fashion statement, wearing a long ankara skirt with a pair of sneakers is wrong.

There is an unspoken rule about sneakers and ankara, and that is that the sneakers must be plain. Reason being that the ankara is a very colorful fabric, so if your shoes are patterned, you just might be closing a lot of things that day. White or black sneakers almost always fit perfectly with these outfits. So if you are a safe dresser, definitely go for white or black. But if you would want to use another color of outfit, please make sure the color is a plain one, and there is at least one color of your shoe on the outfit. That said, here is to rocking beautiful ankara designs with a pair of really cool sneakers.