We think this might be the iPhone 6C


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Apple is usually careful not to reveal anything about its latest products before a grand ceremony, but the iPhone 6C may have slipped through the net on this occasion.

The company welcomed back the iPhone dock yesterday (May 20) to its web store, and appears to have accidentally leaked the rumoured handset in the process.

The page features a perfectly ordinary gallery of the dock in use on the most recent iPhone models. However, clicking through to the last image shows what looks like an iPhone 5C, except it has a Touch ID button without the square marking.

As the iPhone 5C doesn’t have the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, it’s fair to assume that this could be an iPhone 6C.

On the other hand, these are just renders and not an actual handset photo, so it could be a mistake.

As ever, an iPhone 6C has been rumoured in several reports for some time. In March it was claimed that the handset may be in the works beside the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus – all three of which have been tipped to include Touch ID fingerprint sensors, as well as Corning Gorilla Glass 3 displays and NFC connectivity.

Whatever the reason, Apple has apparently caught wind of the leak/error and replaced it with an iPhone 5C.

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