Watch "Green White Green" trailer: A new comedy series about Nigeria


Starring: Ifeanyi Dike Jr, Samuel Robinson, Jamal Ibrahim, Chrystabel Goddy, “Green White Green” is a new comedy series about three young lads who are on a radical journey to make a film inspired by Nigeria’s history. Its a coming of age a story about these young boys from Nigeria’s major ethnic groups on an adventure to make a short film inspired by the history of Nigeria.

The movie is the brainchild of filmmaker Abba T. Makama who refers to this work as a “beautiful mosaic of madness” satire. Abba is the founder and creative director of OFE. He has a degree in Business Management from the State University New York, Fredonia and studied film at prestigious New York University (N.Y.U).

Set for release next year, Makama says describes it as a film made by young people and created for young people.

Green_White_Green Green_White_Green Green_White_Green

Watch the trailer here: