UBA speaks on support for the making of ’93 days,’ movie on Ebola as it happened in Nigeria


The movie ’93 days, just gained a huge support from financial instruction, United Bank for Africa (UBA) plc.

The movie about Ebola and how it happened in Nigeria highlights the victory over the disease while paying tribute to those who sacrificed their lives to help cure the sick like the late Ameyo Adadevoh who died from contracting the virus while she was trying to save others.

 ’93 days movie director, Steve Gukas, said: “Our aim is to create a feature film that will resonate with many people across the world, particularly in Nigeria, and its sub-region. At its core, 93 days is a tale of common humanity and just how much we can achieve when we stand united.”

Charles Aigbe, UBA head of marketing/corporate relations, said: “UBA is supporting the making of the movie because what happened in Nigeria is a positive story of courage, resilience, selflessness, teamwork and collaboration that must be told for posterity.”