The new punchline: "Baby Mama"


Phoebe Shine

They have a lot in common. They are all young, they are vibrant, famous, all in the creative arts, with some measure of material wealth. Oh sorry, I am actually talking about :
The Prince
Ice Prince
Terry G
IK Ogbonna?
Jesse Jags?
Gideon Okeke?
Flavour ? etc.
But none of the above shared factors are the reason for my referring to these super stars.

The common denominator of my concern here is that all of these men are inspiring our youths to increase the population of the urban creation called the “baby mama”.   ?
Black America finding serious success once again @ transferring  ?culture via entertainment. Decades ago, it made international news that world star Jimmy Cliff was flogged on the streets of Lagos for smoking weed publicly. That’s how much we abhorred it. Seen then as a dirty habit for touts. But then came Snoops “doggystyle” & Dre’s Chronicle in 92 & 93. Then Nigerian elite youths put it on their head (as we say) to be weed poster kids.
D dreaded scenario of breaking the news to your folks or dealing with the public shame of being knocked up without the finger band is now a 90’s thing.
So now be cool by being a baby daddy or mummy. Uncles are giving public congratulatory messages to  young nieces for having a baby while in mummy’s house. How did we get here?

How many of these brothers were born outside the warmth of a functional nuclear family? Is it OK because there seems to be money for upkeep? Is this the newest offshoot for being famous? Are the children going to be the ones to pay eventually?

Please look for Felix Liberty my brothers, he was twice as big a star back in the days remember? He has 17 children and told me personally that his biggest regret is that he CAN’T be there for all of them. With Child number 5, Flavour must be feeling some of that pressure.

Let’s call a spade a spade. This is wrong & the celebration of this one time abomination must please stop. Who is with me on this one?