Style Kingz… Man like Lynxxx!

Lynxxx african style

Nigerian rapper and general IT-boy Lynxxx (Chukie Edozien) rocks his own brand of sleek, street minimalism. He’s a sports luxe kinda guy and beard gang pioneer – pree the imperial wonder of this facial hair – but he also does a mean James Bond and he’s not afraid to wear pink.

Simple never simpleton

Whether in streetwear or traditional Lynxxx keeps it clean – leaving the flash to the accessories. Lounging on the London underground or gracing a Lagos owambe, he always looks iconic. It’s easy to see why he has such a strong Insta following and it’s really a look that can suit anybody. Thus you have no excuse.

Your turn

Of course it helps if you are fine boy no pimples and have a rippling v-shaped torso and sculpted facial hair. However, even if you don’t, you can still pull this off.  You’ll need those luxury touches, rings, fancy trainers, Rolex and razor-sharp grooming but understand this is really an exercise in Naija-boy swagger. Lynxxx probably sprinkles swagger on his yam chips each morning. Check out Lynxxx’s biggest hit to date, Fine Lady here.