Sex tips – Blow hard or go home

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Some girls are just great at giving head. They love it so much they’ve voluntarily become community head-givers. Like Karrin ‘Superhead’ Steffens of hip hop fame. There’s no shame in their game, nor should there be, but some girls understandably aren’t ‘skilled’ or confident at performing fellatio. They may need encouragement, creativity and teamwork in order to feel confident about handling you. Follow these tips and improve your love life.

  1. Find someone who really wants to do it. Nothing worse than a half-hearted blow i.e. It’s not for everyone. If it’s not for her, don’t force the issue (literally). Create sexual tension with intimacy.  A lot of this is mind over matter. Put her in the zone and what she’s willing to do might surprise you.
  2. Give plenty of encouragement as she puts in the work…because giving great head is work. All that massaging gives her dead arm, her lips may feel numb after a while, not too mention tongue cramp. Let that ish be worth it. If the pay off is just a grumpy ‘you didn’t deep throat,” chances are she’ll just start avoiding the BJ in future.
  3. Don’t slut shame! Women complain that men want to shame women when they’re not good in bed, and shame when they are good in bed. How about don’t. ever. You got what you gave. If she seems particularly good at what she’s doing, just be grateful.
  4. Eat a lil’ fruit – the taste of your juices can be helped by consuming copious amounts of fruit especially pineapple. Let her memory of your penis be a refreshing spritzer rather than a rather a pungent, cheap offering and she’s more likely to come back for more.
  5. Follow the head with a lil reciprocation. Even if not full sex, a tactile response is appropriate whether you eat her out, finish with a bang or just a little affection.
  6. Don’t visualise anything from your porno collection. Real lie sex can only pale in comparison next to an x-rated staged encounter. Try and be present, that way you won’t be disappointed.
  7. Practice makes perfect. Do it often. Remember every penis is different.  It takes 20 hours to master a skill and 10,000 hours to become a true expert.
  8. Pussy begging is really off-putting, avoid resorting to this. Put on some Jeremih and let him beg for you if you don’t know how to broach the topic.
  9. Making sex safer can allow you both to relax.  Consider using flavored condoms or even cling film.
  10. Just because you’re receiving, this is not the time to lie back and think of your To Do list, you’re not a passive receptacle. This is a time to be active. There are many positions that will add some drama to the proceedings. Kneel over her while she blows you. Assume Oga positioning in your office chair. There’s a lot more – check out Bad Girls Bible for incredible blow job positions.