Rihanna- 'Bitch Better Have My Money' #BBHMM (LISTEN HERE)



Riri has made our Friday!

Rihanna released her new single “B*tch Better Have My Money” on Dubsmash few days ago but you know we are in the tech age and the music is now already everywhere, can’t blame them, it’s a hit. #BBHMM has been trending since Rihanna announced it herself on twitter on March 25 and its the jamz.

We’ve got this on replay and it would most definitely be our work tune all weekend even during elections. Rihanna’s eight album which this song should be in is due soon and we expect more hits to fill the album. In an interview with MTV, she said: “I’ve made a lot of songs that are just really, really big songs. From the jump, they just blow up. And I wanted to kind of get back to – not that they weren’t real music, but I just wanted to focus on things that felt real, that felt soulful, that felt forever.

“I wanted songs that I could perform in 15 years; I wanted an album that I could perform in 15 years,” RiRi added. “Not any songs that were burnt out. I find that when I get on stage now, I don’t want to perform a lot of my songs because they don’t feel like me. So I want to make songs that are timeless.”

Listen to #BBHMM here: