Phobias, Phobias And More Phobias


Phobia Black.jpg

Contributor: Odinekachukwu Ishicheli

Everyone, we mean everyone has a phobia. It could be a fear of dogs, heights, certain types of foods, noise, speed, oceans, snakes – the list is endless.  But there are some real funny and odd phobias out there. Some people have a phobia for dead phones, others, a phobia for the Internet, phobia for games, colours, crossing the street, etc. So where do you fall?

And now there is nomophobia – a fear of your phone being offline. You know that dreaded feeling that comes with your phone running out of battery or the network fluctuating so that you can’t make or receive calls or even using the Internet. If you know the feeling, then you may be nomophobic. Bet you always thought you had no phobias. 

If someone said a fear of Internet existed, we would probably just laugh. How can someone in this century be scared of the Internet, we would ask. Bizarre fear but it’s real all the same. Interphobia is the term given to the fear of the Internet. Odd we must say, we heard or read rather that a past president suffers from Interphobia. We’re short of words. 

Okay so, we know a lot of people are not keen on video games, but being scared of them? That’s another ball game entirely. Vidigameaphobia is the fear of video games, with the experience ranging from just being scared of the game to a fear that the game might come alive. Whoa!! We’ve got fears too but that a game would come to life? I will pass. 

The most unbelievable one for me I think is Technophobia, the fear of technology. Really? Someone could actually be scared of or really dislike advanced technology or computers? That in itself is scary. To even think that Technophobia might actually have three sub–categories as stated by a research psychologist, computer educator and professor. He believes the Technophobic categories include the “uncomfortable users”, the “cognitive computerphobes”, and “anxious computerphobes”. Technophobics have gone as far as protesting against technological developments so as to promote and preserve their ideologies. What a fear!

We looking forward to a cure for all phobias, including all of ours here at MADE which we’re not willing share with you just yet. Stay tuned!