NYFWM 2017 highlights

NYFWM 2017 is over. Here are our highlights from the 4 day event.

David Hart Men's Spring 2018 NYFWM
David Hart Men's Spring 2018

New York Fashion Week: Men’s SS18 is OVER!  The fashion at NYFWM this year was different to say the least. At a time when the African aesthetic is still painfully self-conscious and somewhat obvious and conservative, New York fashion is about a kind of letting go of all that. Rumpled and patchwork, it seemed to be fashion displaying a kind of Camu-esque existentialism rather than nodding to obvious standards.  To put it bluntly, I doubt you’d get into any top nightclub in Lagos with some of the attire.

From Balenciaga there was a relaxed hobo-ish family vibe. David Hart thrilled with a Cuban inspired get-up, slightly insouciant suiting. Wood House was in a playful preppy mood. Hugo Boss stunned with a hint of Miami Vice in his laid-back, floaty suits. Head of State echoed a disorder of military precision inspired by the Nigeiran political regime. This was statement fashion, a time to really put aside what you think you know and open you’re mind up to new ideas. An antidote to the alpha-jostling politique displayed by Trump, Macron, Putin etc right now. It was a reassuring individualism and a confidence not from gloss or labels  to chiselled jaws but simply wearing one’s own body politic and sticking to it.

Check out our NYFWM gallery below and for more about Head of State designer Taobeek Abijako from Nigeria; click here. Photos courtesy of WWD.