The VHS (Video Home System) cassette was in the IN thing in every home in Nigeria years back, If you didn’t own a VHS player and VHS videos you were viewed as so ancient; even if you didn’t own a VHS cassette, if you fell within the renting circle, a VHS video player was a must have.


The 1970s saw the invention of a period when video recording started to play a major role in the television industry. Most of us might have not been born then or were quite young but we grew up knowing this awesome technology and with our guesstimate, that technology did not become the IN thing until probably the 80’s.


Enclosed in a 187 mm wide, 103 mm deep and 25 mm thick plastic shell is the 12.7 mm wide brown-black as we like to call it magnetic recording tape wound between two spools, allowing its slow passage over the various playback and recording heads of the video cassette recorder. Oh! How can we forget the rectangular plain top of the VHS cassette where details regarding the video contained in the VHS cassette. With the manual rewinder innovation to help you rewind your tape to the spot where you stopped watching before leaving for office, as your family members may have watched past that point.


Oh! What beautiful memories to have. So what do you remember about the VHS cassette, let us know via