Nike just launched the new 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 summer running shoes (check it out)


 The new 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 models are said to be constructed around Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman’s methodology of “everything you need is already inside”.

GQ reports that the new shoes provide runners with a more natural motion on the road, the new builds forgo any gimmicky design features, instead focusing on neat minimalist updates that encourage your feet to move in a more natural and, ahem, free way.

Nike’s senior innovator Ernest Kim tells GQ:

“Even though we think of running as a simple, linear motion, the natural movement of our feet and lower legs while running is anything but.

“Instead, when running in a natural state, our toes are highly active, flexing to claw at the ground for traction before extending through toe-off. Also, the long arch on the medial, or inner, side of the foot flattens to help absorb the force of impact, which in turn sets off a cascade of related motions, including the internal rotation of the tibia, that are known collectively as pronation. The arch then re-engages as we push off through the big toe, causing the forefoot and tibia to twist outward in a series of interlinked motions known as supination.

“The hexagonal flex groove geometry enables a runner’s midsoles to move in harmony with these natural motions of the foot, all while providing cushioning and protection from the unforgiving artificial surfaces that surround us today.”