Miss World 2016 African contestants unveiled


Miss World 2016 kicked off on the 26th of November when the contestants gathered to begin their final journey to the Miss World Crown. ‘Land of the free, home of the brave,’ the United States of America is the location of Miss World 2016 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland.

The Grand Final is scheduled to hold on Sunday 18th December with over 110 contestants from all over the world joining together for this once in a lifetime experience but we here are rooting for one of the amazing African ladies to win. Miss Nigeria stands top of our list.

24-years-old Debbie COLLINS-UGOCHUKWU2016_nigeria_2-x450

Describe yourself in one or two sentences

I see myself as an old soul because I have a sense of responsibility that seems to come with old age. I believe so much in kindness and family, my easy-going nature makes me likeable.

What are you career ambitions?

I want to become a published author, writing children books and poetry.

What is the most important thing in your life?

God keeps me going because he renews my faith every day and I can have hope that one day there will be a rainbow in my cloud.

According to reports

  • Nigeria’s rep, Debbie Collins, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria MBGN Universe 2015 was appointed to compete at Miss World 2016 by Silverbird Group, the license holder for Miss World in Nigeria after MBGN 2016 pageant was canceled because of the current economic recession. Debbie represented Ebonyi State at MBGN 2015 and was the 1st runner-up at the pageant.
  • Evelyn Njambi replaced Roshanara Ebrahim, Miss World Kenya 2016 after she was stripped of her title by Terry Muigai, the national director of Miss World Kenya pageant for the breach of code of conduct stipulated in her contract. Njambi represented Kiambu County at the Miss World Kenya 2016 and was crowned the 1st runner-up at the pageant.
  • Lebakile Mokhohlane the original winner of Miss Lesotho 2016 pageant declined to participate at Miss World 2016 pageant due to her study commitments hence Rethabile Tsosane was appointed to replace Mokhohlane. Tsosane was the 4th runner-up at Miss Lesotho 2016 pageant and had also won the Top Model award.
  • Julia Nguimfack, Miss Cameroon 2016 will not compete in this edition due to a visa problem.
  • Miss Gabon 2016 pageant was postponed due to the political turmoil and unrest in the country that followed after the general elections therefore there is no representative for this year.
  • Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson, Mary Chiwenga, canceled the 2016 edition of Miss Zimbabwe pageant due to “lack of quality candidates to compete at an international level”.

2016_botswana_1-x4502016_botswana_2-x450Name: Thata Kenosi
Age: 21
Bio: “On behalf of my people, I open my heart to you all as I welcome you to join me on this exciting journey in my life.”

Cote D’Ivoire
2016_cotedlvoire_5-x4502016_cotedivoire_2-x450Name: Esther Emmanuelle Memel
Age: 20
Bio: “Akwaba (Welcome) to my beloved country! I will try to show you all the wonders and treasures we have.”

Dominican Republic
2016_dominicanrepublic_1-x4502016_dominicanrepublic_2-x450Name: Yaritza Miguelina Reyes Ramírez
Age: 23
Bio: “Hello everyone! I invite you to follow this journey towards my dreams, come check my page. Thanks for the support.”

DR Congo
2016_democraticrepublicofcongo_3-x4502016_dominicanrepublic_1-x450Name: Andrea Moloto
Age: 25
Bio: “Loleko, please come visit my page and through it see my country that I want to show you.”

2016_egypt_4-x4502016_egypt_8-x450Name: Nadeen El-Sayed
Age: 18
Bio: “It’s my pleasure to extend a cheerful welcome to you all!”

Equatorial Guinea
2016_equatorialguinea_1-x4502016_equatorialguinea_2-x450Name: Anunciacion Esono Nfono
Age: 21
Bio: “I love life and look to share it with you all.”

2016_ethiopia_5-x4502016_ethiopia_2-x450Name: Soliyana Assefa
Age: 21
Bio: “Greetings from my country! I can’t wait to meet you all. Please follow my page!”

2016_ghana_1-x4502016_ghana_2-x450Name: Anthoinette Delali Kemavor
Age: 20
Bio: “Akwaaba! My name is Anthoinette Delali Kemavor and the representative of an exotic coastal land. Please follow me on my page and thank you for your support!”

2016_guinea_1-x4502016_guinea_3-x450Name: Safiatou Balde
Age: 21
Bio: “Hello my fans, I am Safiatou Balde! With your support I feel very confident to achieve my mission to win.”

2016_guineabissau_1-x4502016_guineabissau_7-x450Name: Sandra Marisa Araujo Monteiro
Age: 19
Bio:  “Hi I am Sandra – I’m dignifying women of Guinea-Bissau. Please follow my page!”

2016_kenya_4-x4502016_kenya_1-x450Name: Evelyn Njamba Thungu
Age: 22
Bio: “Hello and welcome to my page. My name is Evelyn Njambi representing my beautiful country!

2016_lesotho_1-x4502016_lesotho_2-x450Name: Rethabile Anacletta Tsosane
Age: 21
Bio: “Kea le amohela. Please join me on my page”


2016_mauritius_1-x4502016_mauritius_3-x450Name: Veronica Allas
Age: 21
Bio: “Hello everyone, welcome to my contestant page! I hope that you will enjoy this wonderful journey with me!”
2016_madagascar_1-x450Name: Rodriguez Samantha Todivelou
Age: 18
Bio: “Welcome to all and thanks for joining me in this wonderful adventure. I am so proud to represent my country. Please follow me on my page!”
2016_nigeria_1-x4502016_nigeria_2-x450Name: Debbie Collins-Ugochukwu
Age: 24
Bio: “How Una dey? Embark with me on a journey through the busy city streets of Africa’s giant to the peace and serenity of our cool beaches where every step is an adventure. Wonders to behold and memories to cherish!”
Introduction Video

2016_rwanda_8-x4502016_rwanda_5-x450Name: Jolly Mutesi
Age: 20
Bio: “Welcome to my page. Empower a woman and you impact the world, Beauty With a Purpose. Please follow me!”

2016_seychelles_33-x4502016_seychelles_25-x450Name: Christine Barbier
Age: 24
Bio: “Bonzour and welcome to my page! Come and experience the Beauty With a Purpose journey with me.” 

Sierra Leone
2016_sierraleone_15-x4502016_sierraleone_8-x450Name: Aminata Adialin Bangura
Age: 22
Bio: “Hi everyone, welcome, I am Aminata. I humbly encourage you to learn more about me!”


South Africa
2016_southafrica_1-x4502016_southafrica_3-x450Name: Ntandoyenkosi Kunene
Age: 21
Bio: “As Maya Angelou once said in her poem called our Grandmothers. I come as 1 but I stand as 10000! I come as 1 South African but I stand with the Blessings and support of 53 million South Africans.”


South Sudan
2016_southsudan_5-x4502016_southsudan_2-x450Name: Akuany Ayuen Jongkuch
Age: 22
Bio:  “I am Akuany Ayuen, Welcome to my page!”


2016_tanzania_2-x4502016_tanzania_1-x450Name: Diana Lukumai
Age: 18
Bio: “I am Diana Edward, kindly follow me on my page and thank you for your support!”

2016_uganda_3-x4502016_uganda_2-x450Name: Leah Kagasa
Age: 21
Bio: “This is your tropical duchess from the pearl of Africa – Welcome to my page!”