MEN in burqas? Hunger Games costume designer creates twist at Berlin Fashion Week


Hunger Games costume designer and founder of label Sadak, Sasa Kovacevic received the attention he craved for at the Berlin Fashion Week.

He’s SS16 presentation showcased at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week sent media into a frenzy when male models matched down the runway wearing face-covering garments influenced by traditional Islamic women dress.

The collection was made up of palette of icy blues, iridescent purples and blacks.

MEN in burqas? Hunger Games costume designer creates twist at Berlin Fashion Week

MEN in burqas

A heavily-tattooed model paraded down the runway in a black gown, quirky square-shaped sunglasses and platform loafers and sports socks adorned with heavy gold chain detailing

The hooded garment was left open at the back revealing a peak of the model's Calvin Klein boxers 

A curly-haired model sported baggy lilac shorts, platform loafers and a knee-length hooded jacket

Icy blues and iridescent purples were key themes in the spring/summer 2016 collection
One bearded model donned a kimono-style jacket that had a dramatic wispy tree drawing and ethereal clouds covering the back
A topless brunette model caught the crowd's attention in a pair of off-the-wall white frames, patterned knee-length shorts and a cape that was held on with a 'ME + YOU = <3' ribbon


Fashion lovers attended the presentation, which was held at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week spring/summer 2016


Another half naked fellow showcased his six-pack in lilac midi shorts and a flowing shirt

Photo credit: Mail Online