Meet the Terry Lift that fits into a corner of you room


Contributor: Odinekachukwu Ishicheli

Created by a Cheshire-based company Terry Lifts, the lift offers seamless travel between floors of an apartment. On why people would rather buy the lift rather than opt for a few flights of step Sales and marketing director John McSweeney explained:

‘People choose to install a lift for a number of reasons,’

‘The majority of our customers, who have chosen a home lift, tend to be in early retirement. 

‘They chose the lift, when travelling up and down the stairs starts to become an issue. Most of our customers install a lift as an alternative to moving home, later on in life.’

Most people in the UK see home lifts as a prohibitively expensive luxury.

‘Traditionally, home lifts have been bulky, requiring a lift shaft and, therefore, impractical and unaffordable for most.

‘At the other end of the spectrum are wheelchair platform lifts and stair lifts, however, many people do not want this type of product in their homes.

‘Ultimately, the Lifestyle lift offers a simple and relatively inexpensive alternative to unwanted relocation to another property for those who are starting to struggle with the stairs, yet don’t want to move house.’