Brian Ezeala a name as intriguing, but who is the name behind the brand? And what are we looking to expect from this somewhat elusive as the designer himself: Brian Ezeala an up and coming fashion designer from London is looking at fusing fashion cultures together in a minimalistic opulent feel, but who is the name behind the brand? And what are we looking to expect from this somewhat elusive figure.

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“Growing up on a tough estate in London my passions never left me, I would constantly be designing clothes for my Auntie in Nigeria who had a clothing store.”

These are the words of Brian Ezeala a man by his own admission has always since he can remember had an intriguing eye and drive for fashion. “I would constantly be flicking the pages of my Mothers fashion magazines imagining and drawing my own spin on the clothes that I saw.”

The name Brian Ezeala itself means ‘strong’ ‘King of the land’ and that’s exactly what the Brian Ezeala brand wants to embody with its bold brand statement of ‘Opulence is still a must’ a mindset Brian Ezeala came back to when designing as a small child, but it was staying up late to watch a documentary on Ozwald Boateng that finally cemented his gravitation towards becoming a fashion designer.

“My idols growing up were the greats of Gianni Franco Ferre, Georgio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent. I dreamed of working for them but it wasn’t until I saw Ozwald Boateng then I realised as a Black man of African heritage I too could be a designer using my notion of ‘Opulence is still a must’ essentially meaning no matter where you are from, getting to the next level is imperative, that passion should never die.”

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Brian Ezeala wants to take his love of jazz and art creating a nostalgic yet current take on traditional tailoring. “I have always had a love for jazz music it speaks to your soul. I want the Brian Ezeala consumer to feel a sense of nostalgia from my clothing with a burst of on-trend vibe, fusing cultures t make the new cool” In Brian Ezealas mind the ‘new cool’ as he puts it requires less.

“Im trying to make the customer know less is more, essentially dressing down to dress up” And what are we looking to expect from his forthcoming collection? “My forthcoming collection is all about sharp clean lines, elegance and simplicity understated luxury.

I want to fuse fashion cultures together, essentially bringing fashion trends together from a global standpoint, such as the structure of English tailoring with the Italian flamboyancy and that understated allure of the French. For the rest you’ll have to wait and see.” He states with a twinkle in his eye.

Brian Ezeala’s charm and charisma cant help but make you smile, in a ruthless game like fashion his down to earth persona is incredibly refreshing. Most recently Jermaine Jackman winner of The Voice 2014 oozed his vocal talent in one of Brian Ezealas creations. The TMC red overcoat.

“It was great working with Jermaine, I understood straight away the style and image he wanted to portray on stage”

Brian Ezeala also recently collaborated with Charles ‘Chucky’ Venn, best known for his roles in Eastenders, Footballers Wives and has recently joined the cast of Casualty. Charles is the leading actor in the film AWOL which premiered recently in the UK.

Brian Ezeala designed a bespoke Brian Ezeala Chelsa City Slicker suit. The Brian Ezeala brand is already making its mark and with this designer at the helm things can only get better.