Maxivive Pre-Harmattan 2015 collection: ÀRÓDAN (Distraction)


Maxivive is a Nigeria-based menswear label that focuses on a brave new world of independent, quietly discerning men who appreciates and enjoys finely crafted clothing. Since its establishment in 2007, the brand is fast transforming to be a household name, offering a variety of choices when it comes to clothing’s that are wearable and stylish at the same time. Maxivive is recognized for its innovative pieces and the fusion of different fabrics and patterns in a well thought out manner by exploiting the potential of materials and techniques with a purist ethos to birth futuristic easily worn clothing for men. Maxivive provides more subdued modern aspect while giving a nod to the comfort of traditional wears. In the fast- paced world of fashion, we are committed to continue our winning streak in setting the standard in authentic African style.

About the collection 
ÀRÓDAN (Distraction)
In Yoruba-land (the western part of Nigeria),  Arodan is a decoy used to distract someone from the initial happening to a less important subject. On a daily basis, people use Arodan as an act of escapism from their daily lives – to hide their emotions, personalities and even weapons. This collection is an opening to the main Harmattan collection which would show in full, the elements of some personality traits.  
I, I want it all
my heart reeks of desires
I have it all, I climbed you all
I wear it all
I love it all
I dream of glory
Would the end justify my means?
Do I care? No, I doubt. 
You, you want it all
Your heart reeks of desires
You have it all, you climbed them all. 
you wear it all
You love it all
You dream of glory
Would your end justify your means?
Do you care? No, you doubt. 
We, we want it all
Our hearts reeks of desires
We have it all, we climbed us all
We wear it all
We love it all
We dream of glory
Would our end justify our means? 
Do we care? No, we doubt.