Life Changing Apps For Smartphones


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Contributor: Odinekachukwu Ishicheli

Without apps on smartphones, we probably won’t feel the usefulness of our smartphones. Once upon a time, an editing on a picture meant carring a mobile lab in a bulky case but now Instagram does the editing; sending out invitations by post made it hard to even remember all the recipients, but then Evite is there to save the day. Some apps are just meant to un-bore one’s unexciting moments and some to actually change one’s lifestyle.

Coach.Me Births A New You

Coach.me_.jpg if you wish to be a better version of yourself, you can choose from a variety of offers the app has to offer. These categories range from “Personally Grow,” “Get Fit,” “Create Daily Habits” and “Improve Happiness and Relationships.” The app comes equipped with an all-star team of a personal trainer; life coach and therapist that can help you improve every aspect of your life. The app comes free but with a $14.99 (N3000) hiring fee for a coach weekly.


Insomania? Then You Need The Headspace


Headspace: a meditation app that helps clears the head when finding it hard to fall asleep. The app is free to download and has easy-to-follow lessons that last about 10 minutes or less and features a 10-day program of nightly sessions of listening to the calming voice of the male narrator.


Bad Habit? Then Streak it With Habit Streak

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Habit Streak: whether you have a habit of drinking, making calls at the wrong time, or not keeping to time, then the Habit Streak will help your reach your goal of correcting the odd habits you might have. All you need do is check off each day you meet up with your goal while the app does the math of how many days, months or years you have left to reach your goals while also scheduling reminders to help you stay on track. It comes free on the app store; however has an option of upgrading at the rate of $3.99 (N800)


Thirsty is too late – Waterin  


Waterin: Waterin is a very simple app that reminds you to drink water at intervals, especially if you fall in the group of those who think water is tasteless. Since drinking water is linked to a healthy skin and weight, the benefits of the app far outweighs the space it might consume on your smartphone. It is free to download.


Vent Your Anger To The Talkspace Theraphy Through Siri


Talkspace Theraphy: it is a certified app that offers life direction when you need a second opinion. Talkspace pairs you with a licensed therapist in a private chat room to vent about whatever is on your mind. Even if you wish to send several messages per day, it is permitted although the Therapist typically provides long, solicitous replies once daily. It is not wise however, to use this Talkspace Therapist if there is a serious case like depression, which requires medical care, although it is a cheap alternative for common issues in life that has to deal with stress. The app cost $25 (N5000) weekly membership.

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